For those of you who have been approved with pay dates for SRD R350 Grant for the month of October 2021 can now relax.

This week SASSA has issued pay dates for the SRD R350 grants for the month of October 2021 and most applicants now have 21st October as payment dates.


Those who are using their personal bank account will be paid on the same pay dates. However, those who have post office as their payments method will have to wait for some days before going to the post office for collection.


Click Here For Post Office Payments Dates for October 2021.

It has to be taken into consideration that post office payments are only done with one’s last three digits of ID numbers which is available on the link above.

Cash Send users or ewallet account holders have been advised to provide or submit their bank account details for payments or otherwise will be switched to the post office automatically.

SASSA seems to have had some challenges with Cash send partners as they were seeking approval from the National Treasury.


In other news, those who were approved in August 2021 but due to the fact that they chose Cash Send or the bank account were not verified are now having pay dates showing up on their account dashboard.

So if you have not yet checked your status, you can use this link to check status fir SRD R350 Grant.

Applicants are advised to keep checking their grants status from time to time as their status could change in a few hours.

If you don’t have money to be buying internet data, you can use MOYA app for free to check your status. Click on the here for full tutorials on how to use the Moya app.

For one reason or other, if you wish to create or open a TymeBank Account or Capitec Bank Account online for SASSA SRD R350, use the links below to do that easily.

For those who are declined and feels that they have a case can appeal that decision by apply for reconsideration. Below are the various reasons and how to Submit reconsideration application.

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7 thoughts on “Team 21st October 2021! Are you Ready – SRD R350 Grant Payments Dates”
  1. I only got only money for
    4 months the rest,I’m even touyard
    Go I don’t know what to do

  2. Please let me know my payment dates as I am desperate for the funds . Really looking forward to having the financial help and pay sone debt and buy some food stuff you know . Thanks for your help

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