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Alternative income Source Identified SRD R350


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Have you checked your status recently and found out that you are declined and the reason for the decline is “Identity verification failed”.

This happens when the submitted names of the applicant does not match with the name found in the database of the Home Affairs Department of South Africa

During the verification process, one of the things SASSA does is to cross check personal details of the applicant submitted to that found at the Home Affairs. If there is any adjustments or slight error in the name, the system will indicate and that will lead to a decline as failed identity verification.

The following could be reason for identity verification error

  • Misspelled of the name either Full name or Surname.
  • Mismatched information
  • Omission of some letter or letters of the name. Note that even one letter can lead to this conclusion. Note that, it a computer program that is doing the checking, therefore it must match exactly what is the database.

How to Solve Identity Verification Failed Status

If you are among those who are facing this problem, then you will need not to worry much 🀣🀣🀣, when the error is rectified, you are likely to be approved if you meet the criteria.

  • Head over to the official SRD R350 application website
  • Scroll down to the section where there is label “Request Names and Surname Update
  • SASSA advises the applicant to enter the ID number, Names and Surname exactly as they are on the ID documents or the Smart ID card.
  • This is made for those whose SRD R350 grant application was declined because of wrong information provided, so that they can easily get it updated.
  • In the field provided enter your ID number, Names and Surname and click on the submit button.
Identity Verification Failed Status Updates

It will be reviewed once again and go through all other verification process and if they are approved then payment issued.

It is better to have the ID documents or smart card readily available or handy to cross check yourself.

This might happen without taking notice especially if you ask someone else to apply on your behalf.

SASSA says your names and Surname will only be updated if they matches with what is in the Home Affairs Department database.

Note : At the time of filing this story, the ability to update one’s names and Surname was nit activated, so keep checking until you find it activated.

Other Reasons Why SASSA Decline SRD R350 grant applications.

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  1. Royanne

    I was declined because of identity Verification but my name and id is put in right i think sassa got my name on the system wrong so wht must i do now because sassa is to blame for my name tht is not spelled right on sassa status

    1. DFlex

      Might be a system error, just update it snd the system will pick it up

    2. Tania

      Mine same an I got the grant last time an still have same green ID an worst is the site works one day an next day doesn’t so constant struggle

      1. veronika

        my application was the same but my surname is changed so at home affairs it must be the surname i have now not the one on my id if im correct i didnt change my id yet because cant get to home affairs can some one with the same problem help me

    3. Dineo

      My name is dineo mapheleba my id 9612021294080 im asking to double check

  2. Tania

    Mine same an I got the grant last time an still have same green ID an worst is the site works one day an next day doesn’t so constant struggle

  3. Mpho

    Hi sassa I really don’t know that why I can’t get my R350,because this details I used to get my kids child grant…so I don’t know what can I do because I’m not working.please guys can you double check your system… Here’s my details: Mpho kokoana,ID no:8204030376081

  4. Felicia mashaba

    My application is deadline

  5. Vusie

    My brother was declined due to reason β€œβ€existing sassa grant””, but He never had any Sassa grant.

    1. Vuks

      It’s possible that somebody else is using his earlier id number that he lost to get that grant. Ask him to go to/call SASSA on 080 060 1011 during office hours and enquire about this.

  6. Zizipo

    It says i have an alternative income ,where and how cause I don’t have anything am unemployed.

  7. Nkosiyinye

    I am unemployed for 2years now but it says i have alternative income i don’t understand

    1. DFlex

      Apply for reconsideration

      1. Sipho

        Yes I apply reconsideration but still there said declined

      2. priscilla Oliver

        I’m declined because according to sassa I get uif I got no alternative income at all

  8. ferouza

    Hi what to do I cancelled my appliction and then I did apply again so it showed approved but but today when I checked my status it showed application complete and outcome β€œcancelled”

  9. Sonto

    Am no longer working but ny sassa grant says am under UIF REGISTERED how

  10. SIMEPHI Eunice

    How Can I fixed the error when it’s said ?

    Identity verification failed

    1. DFlex

      Follow the instructions on the article

    2. Kealeboga portia segeri

      I didn’t register for uif ….and i Iam not working since 2018


    I have inputted the incorrect names.

  12. Ngaledzani

    Name it’s not correct

  13. Cebo

    Hi I just got my uif last month and now status declined due to uif

  14. Tshegofatso

    My srd r350 grand application decline due to incorrect name and surname

  15. Itumeleng Kgaogelo Shai

    My srd 350 grand aplplication declined due to uif registered

  16. Bheka

    Hi help my brother srd grand application declined to uif registerea sms said that he must visit srd grand website before 25 so his phone was broken he try to visit the website on 27and he got that his cut off because of expiring date so whats can he do now cozy his suffering his not working help please

  17. Nokulunga

    Hi my application decline because of uif I did get my uif in 2013 it was closed after that I’m not working I have family to take care please help I need R350

    1. DFlex

      Please submit reconsideration application appeal

  18. Kealeboga portia segeri

    Am not working so i don’t get any UIF is impossible to get UIF.

  19. Duduzile

    Was declined after the outcome changes to identify verification fixed what does it mean

    1. DFlex

      It is an indication that your name either the spellings or the arrangement does not match with the name found in the database of the Home Affairs Department, go and correct it on the SRD website

  20. Maria mamabolo

    I’m Maria mamabolo I applied srd 350 but is says declined due identity verification fail I don’t know why. ..I’d 9801240906083

  21. Marena Ronell

    Was declined from August up until October. I reconsider immediately
    it says identification verification fixed pending what does that mean as I gave my details as stated on my i’d card.

  22. William Baloyi

    I was working and i took my uif so now I’m not working anymore since January 2020 and i took my uif at April so now im not receiving anything

  23. Thandeka Virginia

    I did include my bank details could it be the reason my application declined

  24. Nokonwaba

    ID 8110..080 AppID 593206: Application for Sep. SRD R350 Grant declined due to incorrect name or surname. Visit srd website to dispute outcome before 25/11/21. This is the message after applying for reconsideration what must I do now, i have visited the website as stated above still no change. MBIYAKE-NKOSI NOKONWABA are my names as per my ID please help.

  25. Nokonwaba

    I have been declined with an error identity verification fail I don’t understand previously i was receiving with the same identity number and names. Please assist me with this.

    1. DFlex

      Please visit the website and scroll down to the section where there is label asking you to Update Surname and Full name and fill in the necessary details and follow up with screen prompts

  26. David Ditsela

    Since i apply for the srd grant August, September, October November decline but December approved is paid January approved no pay date so why this 4 months is declining please help me

    1. Riselina

      Hi I’m Roselina I have applied my aunt srd grant but it declined due to identity verification and I have already done the surname and name request on website but still not verified,pls help
      My aunt name nd surname is Mofokeng Roselina Nozizwe ID NO 6607290531082

  27. anita makwekwethu

    my sassa R350 decline plz help me it has been decline since august till now

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