Alternative Income Source Identified – SRD R350 Status Check Declined in 2023.

Introduction : Alternative Income Source Identified status declined

For thousands of applicants since Friday checking their SRD R350 status only to find out that they are declined in 2023.

And what was the reason for the decline? “Alternative Income Source Identified”

Indeed, this is not new as far as this approval stuff from SRD R350 Grant payments is concerned.

Last year, there was a mass decline of applicants with this flimsy excuse that such affected applicants were receiving cash through their bank account. Basically, there were regular cash flows through their bank account.

Why SASSA Decline SRD R350 Grant as Alternative Income Source Identified

Some might be wondering how SASSA came up with this idea of identifying applicants as having alternative income sources?

From our checks, SASSA seems to use the applicant’s bank account balance and the bank statements showing the transactions going through the bank account.

If they find out that, applicants have been receiving some funds regularly in recent weeks or months, they would suspect the applicant has some form of sustenance.

Why are we saying this? A Twitter user once asked SASSA a question regarding this and below is the response SASSA gave.

Alternative Income source identified decline status meaning
Alternative Income Source Identified by SASSA SRD R350 grant declined

The Twitter user asked :

An application can be rejected just because money was deposited in an applicant’s account?

And this was SASSA Response :

R595 is the threshold we test against during the reconsideration process. The grant is meant for the distressed clients, that have no other source of income.

SASSA response

From the above conversation, it is clear SASSA is conducting bank account checks of applicants.

So if you have submitted your application and Bank account or declined for an alternative source of income, then you need to stop putting cash into the bank account or asking someone else to send your money through that account as that is the only way for SASSA to know if you are receiving some form of income.

Bank accounts must be empty or below their R595 threshold balance to save yourself from these problems.

Click here to check SRD R350 application status

How To Appeal Alternative Income Source Identified Decline Status in 2023

According to SASSA, applicants who feel aggrieved are required to submit an appeal application if they feel that they are unduly declined. They can do so within 30 days from the date of decline.

  • Click on the link
  • Insert your ID number and the phone number used to apply.
  • Give reasons why your SRD R350 grants application has to be reviewed or reconsideration.
  • SASSA will reconsider your appeal application and gives an outcome accordingly.

Next, we are discussing uif registered decline status…

SASSA has apologized for the delay of the reconsideration applications including alternative income source Identified declined status in 2023.

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  1. I don’t have any income source I am disappointed that the told me about any income I am not working and I don’t have any alternative income source identified

    1. They only want reasons not to give us the money cause the account I applied with is very new I haven’t used it ever mxm to hell with sassa I admit we need the money but this is too much now they are taking us for a ride now ,am even thinking of cancelling my application really

  2. I don’t have any income source I am disappointed that the told me about any income I am not working and I don’t have any alternative income source identified

      1. I don’t receive any income, it say alternative income sources identified and I never employed

          1. I have the same problem,they declined me from April and I don’t have an income,this is unfair really

  3. Your comment here…I am not receiving any income bt SRD 350 GRANT keep on rejecting me,it saying alternative income source identified,I dont know why

      1. I don’t know who my source of income is..yet SASSA do..since they know my source of income can they please tell me who exactly my source is..I need to know specifically who my alternative source of income is..don’t give half information

          1. I am surprised that I appeal from August 2021 till march 2022 but the say only August is approved and September to November 2021 declined again due to uif registered and for December 2021to march 2022 still pending how ever the out come of June 2022 is declined due to source of income which I get 920 for child support grant so I’m confused and when we call sassa toll free number no response

        1. Im also not working there’s no income i get from anywhere im very dissappoint because i really need that money could you please help me.

        2. I also had that. They paid me in November last year. Wen I go back dey said mst reply again they gave u a number for sassa. Bt u neva get thru.

  4. What Sassa is doing to us is not fair, we are also unemployed we really need those 350, they said everyone who is unemploy ed must apply all of sudden they went through our account t check our bank statement this is not fair at all

      1. I have no income thats coming in my bank account i havent been working since 2019 i applied since last year then my husband canceled my application i donw from my number and reappied with his then i got decloned sgain for 2021 august. I want to know ehere can i go to reinstate my canceled application .

      1. I only received Social grand 920 for kids in my account.i don’t have any income
        I’m not working

  5. I don’t have an income but they decline me because they said I have alternative income so please help me I need this money

    1. I don’t have any income that is coming into my account except for child grand
      But it says decline due to alternative source income and I am not working

  6. Me too dear I’m so disappointed, yesterday my status was saying pending ,today sithi declined “alternative income source “but I’m not getting any income, its only a child support grant ,and I’m using capitec to get that grant

    1. Sassa and the
      President are taking us for a ride we are suffering and asking money from our family members who help where they can but they say we have source of Income they are testing our patience i say we create a movement /strike to sassa offices and government offices so that they take us seriously next thing they will be screaming vote for us this and that whilst they live large forgetting the ill treatment they gave us I think its time we showed the ANC who are the real people in power us the nation so that they stop taking us for fools we are unemployed because of their incompetence but still they make us suffer even more we are not their puppets we are human beings too its time they faced the truth the is no ruling party without the people our voices united is greater than their so called ruling party we suffered during apartheid but it seems it was just for show since our own are neglecting us for their self inrichment, South Africa we have been quiet for a long time enough is enough

  7. I don’t receive any income but all of sudden “alternative income identified” what’s wrong with your department

    1. I apply decline because of UIF Mara i claim UIF am not working please help me no income

    2. I applied about R350 says declined because says I get a alternative income source but I don’t get it money

    1. Hi my name is Estelle I get no income beside child support grant for 1 child no other income and no working

    2. Am disappointed with sassa they decline me am not working no source of income am getting only children money help please l

  8. I don’t have alternative sources income what’s wrong with department coz They go through into our account checked statement for what I need that money coz m not working at all

  9. I’m not working nd sassa declined my application I’m disappointed there’s no income I get in my account only grants support for my one child

  10. This people are sick. They doing fraud stuff so that we can be decline. I never work in whole life since i finish school in 2018 but now they decline due to being “uif register”. Where did they false information mxm.

  11. I’m not working and have no income and the reason I was declined is “DEBTOR”. I’m not sure what that means but would like some clarity on it though. I should mention that money was deposited into my account 2 months ago but it was for my brother who doesn’t have a bank account.

  12. Im not working and I’m not received any money without child support Grant I need this money I’m single parent for 3 kids

  13. I got the same thing they took.out identity nmbrs the should have checked to labour that we are not working we need this R350 but they keep on saying we hettin money yes we can get some money in our banks because of we give our brothers n sisters our cards to.put their money since we don’t work n.we want our bank cards must stay activated n i have applied for Reconsideration but it doesnt work

      1. Reconsideration tried to appeal but keep saying failed Why Why Why alternative income source identified while unemployed Why Why Why

  14. I am not working but I was very disappointed when I checked my status says altarnative source of income, where is that income I need this 350 I am a single parent with 4 kids, I save small money to my account in order to keep it working

  15. Same here was decline for having a bank account which child support goes into.we were told by gov that those that collect a child support will be able to collect the srd coz we have no source of income.the bank account is on my name because i collect a childsupport and nothing else in my account. Sad very sad hope a review will happen.

  16. Sassa stop playing with us plss, u saying u are checking, how come u declined us since last year saying we receiving uif? If truly truly doing thoroughly investigation most of us we do qualify bcs sum we didn’t even know that we arw registered for uif, ppl who get the money are not supose to, and those who don’t get are the one suffering, plss tell is how do we fix this uif issue than busy declining us give us solution thank u

    1. I feel your pain, this is has gone on for to long where I have started to resent speaking to people that have received their grant money, not that I hate them but I want to know why they are deserving and I am not. 😂
      Sassa is causing people who have been declined like this to really resent the Government.
      I pray you find light at the end of this very dark tunnel

  17. I am trying to apply for reconsideration as I have been declined since the start of this in May 2020(Clearly a way to embezzle funds from the State, No transparency whatsoever about the multitude of valid claims that have been declined with relevant rejection codes or proof)
    Once again the reconsideration webpage is not working and even if you call Sassa the call is immediately dropped when you enter option 1 for Special Covid 19 SRD grants or otherwise when you enter option 2 for other social grants you are informed that “SORRY THE NETWORK IS CONGESTED” and the call is ended. No other options to speak to anyone. (What if pray this never happens there is a bomb threat and you want to inform these helpless people to vacate)
    My reconsideration appeals were all declined with exactly the same rejection codes as initial applications with no reason and when I queried it the attending Sassa agents became blatantly rude and told me that
    “ What must they do about it” or even “ I must stop lying l because the systems shows that I am receiving an income and they do not access to the specific details)
    This really makes you feel that the government does not care about its unemployed citizens and why are never assisted by a friendly person but all of them seems to be really pissed off.

  18. If sassa can see that I’m receiving help from friends and family can’t they see if we receive uif is it difficult to check that? Sassa stop playing games and do ur work plss, why don’t u go to labour system to check if we receive the money or not

    1. I don’t have any source of income but my payment declind because someone sent me 50 rand at my bank for mistake so now my money are declining

    2. I don’t have any source of income but my payment declind because someone sent me 50 rand for mistake in my bank account

  19. Well if sassa srd was stopped in May how do they think we survived.. I would think it would be obvious that some family was helping out with the bear necessities as we had no other alternative to see to our needs whether it be for transport to get to an interview or maybe bread and milk.. it’ still is none at f their business as they clearly have no compassion or emphaty for the unemployed. So because they receive their salaries plus x amount of whatever declining means nothing to them. And then have the odesity to say sassa doesn’t care about whoever is using people’s accounts . That’s is just inhumane and ungodly. First I was declined reason rip5 registration now alternative income. . Come on sassa just be transparent and say that there is not sufficient funds to pay all unemployed citizens as we had our hands in the cookie jar. We would appreciate that much more. And president never said that only people with account of non transactions are liable he said ALL UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS ARE TO RECEIVE THIS FUND. Sassa why not enquire about whatever it is you are seeing on people’s statements which you have access that I’ve never heard of in my entire life. This is a while lot of bullshit and we should actually take this to the Great leader Ramaphosa. Or sassa would be so kind provide us with employment then we will have a reason to declined for source of income not my father giving money so that I don’t smell or die or go for an interview. I rest my case and approve all unfairly declined applicants stop being lazy and greedy … Miss Alternative Source of non income

  20. Mine is declined because my cousin send me money every month for building, I’m not working no income that I get. I just get chid support grant only. I need that R350 please help

  21. Mine is declined because my cousin send me money every month for building. I’m not working no income that I get, I only get child support grant R460, I really need that R350 please help me

  22. Mine says alternative income source identified I don’t know which income the deposit money was from sister for building at home,I’m not working and I don’t have any other source income.

  23. SASSA and government are taking us the unemployed for a ride.They meticulously invent reasons for us not to qualify for the grand so they can have more money left to enrich themselves.
    I was declined for alternative income source.When I finally got through to the reconsideration site to reason for appeal as identity verification pending. Now I will be declined again for September.As I cannot change their site errors.Already they are R700 richer from one application.

  24. Hi my name is masande I’m not working and I don’t know why my application deadline because I don’t have a alternative income source identified please I need this money

  25. Hi my name is Zinhle I’m not working and I don’t know why my application said I decline because of alternative source of income identified please help me I need this money

  26. Why do they look at what is coming in your bank account,if someone is sending me money through my bank account as I was desperate in need for money because of sassa declined my application and I’m not working at why don’t they just check if the people are working or not..this is disappointing.

  27. I was also decline for alternative income. I don’t work for nearly two years (no income at all) and my daughter deposit her share of the utility money in my account. Why don’t they check if it is a business or not that deposit the money into my account. Very disappointing in the system.

  28. Why sassa appreciate is referred because I don’t have any income no work for me sassa did give me the 350 before just only for 3 mouths after then my application was referred I’m also a citizen in this country

    1. If your application was referred then either your phone number or ID number is involved in a fraudulent activities, please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number to check status for you

    1. I was apply last year for 350 and I’m not working but you said I have UIF although and you said I have althernative money what was surprised me last 3 weeks I was at sasas to apply for grant for my baby they said I have money in sasas when I was trying to explain you said 350 is not for everyone

  29. – much lokhu? I don’t receive any income I get the money of living from my siblings. I got decline it says alternative source of Inc come and I don’t have any source of income beside that my siblings are saving me with the money for to surport my children and they putting on my bank

  30. Am very disappointed,am not working and I don’t have a child,I don’t get any grant but it declined it says alternative income just because my brother send me the money for people who are working at his to fair I really need that money please help

  31. Am very disappointed,am not working and I don’t have a child,I don’t get any grant but it declined it says alternative income just because my brother send me the money for people who are working at his to fair I really need that money please help

  32. All I need to know is, when is SASSA going to come up with a solution regards to the “declined status received “? I just wish they could give me a better reason. I’m really frustrated due to thier incompetence. At the end of the day SASSA is making us suffer more than ever. How is it possible that I’ve alternative income source and my bank balance is -R66.00 minus R66.00 that means I owe my bank R66.00 for debits that couldn’t go off due to insufficient funds.

    1. I find out that the is someone else get disability grant using my ID book and I got rejected on Sassa Relief.i try so menu times and I apply to Sassa to cancel but its declining.i go to home affairs to do verification that say no one have same information.please i need your help

    2. I am also not working and they say alternative source of income but my bank account is empty and soon they will close my account so I don’t know why they declined me this time but since the R350 started I did get it but now I’ve been declined why so

  33. name is Phumzile Nikwe i have no oncome source but my application dicline …i have two kids am not working i need the money

  34. I also have no alternative source od income. Damn id I have, please provide details of that income. I am 54, to young for pension, to old to work. I opened a bank account for the grant with 0.00 balance. So where is the alternative income when for 3 years I had NO account on my name?????????🤔

  35. Sassa seems like you don’t want to give that money cause went to department of labour…they say I’m not registered…so cruel🙄

  36. Approved but there is no paydates since last year November please help me to get paydates so that I can fetch it

  37. The same with me firstly I was approved in August 2021 and monthly I did earn the srd grant and whe need reinstate to reapply in April 2022 my application was successful but when I did check my srd status it show alternative source of income unidentified don’t know why

  38. I also have the same problem alternative income source identified,the is no income source that I receive excerpt for the the child ‘s grant,and that income is for the child’s needs ,I’m doing peoples hair at home that how I make money but I’m not work ,im so disappoint about this R350 because we’ve been waiting this money hoping things will now get better because some of us we’re the victim’s of floods so we were hoping that we going back on our feet but now I’m so disappointed so, so disappointed .the money that I receive maybe R100 or R150 is for the child to go and visit her granny so the money is not coming from me it comes from the granny of the child this so unfair and so wrong.

  39. I’m Thomas,my 350 decline and lm unemployed ,and my friend is using my account, for his money

  40. I’m just a learner… I just found that alternative income has been indentified and I’m not receiving an income

  41. I don’t understand Sassa I’ve been receiving the R350 SRD grant now all of a sudden I have a source of income how coz I’m unemployed

  42. My 350 decline from may antil june source of income im not working and even appearl take a long tym to be answered yoooh exactly how long must i wait for appearl it takes how long??

  43. Since beginning of 2021 I received sassa R350 money up to August 2022i was declined but September and October I received my sassa srd money

  44. Oktober 2022 was declined with source of income, but I am unemployed. The money received on bank statement is from sassa R350 srd money. For several days I try to lodge an appeal, but sassa website is closed.

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