No reconfirmation Needed For SRD R350 Grant - SASSANo reconfirmation Needed For SRD R350 Grant - SASSA

SASSA has announced that starting August 2022, applicants are no longer required to reconfirm their existing applications after three payments as earlier required.

According to SASSA, this was made to open up for the smooth process of applications and every month all applicants will be rolled over to analyzed if they still qualify.


Since the earlier framework of the SASSA SRD R350 grant required that criteria, it had to be gazetted for the new one to come to force.

Another major change that was also gazetted was the fact that the threshold amount saw an increase from the old R350 to R624 making it possible for more applicants to be considered.


It has to be noted that, this does not mean approved applicants are going to be paid R624 but the amount of cash per applicant per month remains the same as R350.

Millions Are Yet to receive SRD R350 Grant

The threshold amount is the maximum amount an applicant must be receiving in a month in order to be considered for the grant. Thus anyone who receive more than R624 in a particular month will declined as “Alternative Income Source Identified” when status is checked.

Unfortunately, this new framework is effective August 2022, indicating that those who were declined for Alternative Income Source Identified using the previous threshold amount of R350 remains unless they are appealed using the link

Henceforth, there’s no need to reconfirm again. When the month is due, sassa will automatically put all applicants on board.


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