SASSA Status Pending for How Long?

SASSA Status Pending for How Long? July 2024

SASSA status can be pending for about two weeks after which a decision will be taken to consider either for approval or decline. Although SASSA has always indicated it does not have any time turnaround.

  • Many applicants are wondering how long their status pending will last?
  • SASSA has indicated that it should take not more than two weeks for status pending to change.
  • Sometimes, it can take less than a week or so to get approval.
  • Because of the numerous applications being worked on, it can also take more that the two weeks and even more.
  • To hasten the application process, applicants are reminded to submit accurate information about themselves or those that they are applying for. This will help reduce the undue delay that sometimes is associated with prolonged pending sassa status.
  • If you keep changing your payment method such as from Post Office(Post Office No longer paying grants) to your preferred bank account or vice versa or merchant account such as Shoprite or USave P and P shops etc, that will also delay the pending status, as SASSA will have to verify the bank account submitted first before approval or declined.
  • If you are pending for far too long, you can contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to find out why.

To know more about SASSA status pending, click on the link (article below)


SASSA status pending for August 2022

August 2020 status maybe pending, but you should be able to get your payment by now. If your August 2020 or any other month of 2020 is still pending, then you may have to accept to forfeit it.

sassa status pending for august 2021, September 2021, October 2021 and November 2021

For those who were declined since August 2021 and submitted their appeal application or reconsideration status may still be pending. But in recent times, those whose appeal applications were approved are paid from August 2021 to November 2021 and the outstanding grants owed will also be paid. But currently if your appeal status is still pending from August 2021, then it follows that SASSA is waiting for you to submit your bank account information for verification after which payment will be made.

SASSA status pending transactions

If you sassa status is pending transactions, make sure your bank account details that will be used fir payment is accurate and submitted. When your application is complete and approved, the money will be deposited into your bank account or else you can visit any nearest Merchants such as Shoprite or USave P and P shops etc for collection. The transaction is usually done on the pay date specified in the status dashboard.

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  1. My SDR R350 grant for June 2022 has been declined, due to alternative income source identified. My April 2022 and May 2022 grant are still pending. I have no work, no other grants, no UIF, and the SRD Sassa website is not accessible and there is no help, because if you can go on SDR website, it says failed, or grant application currently active, or the website is currently not working. Please try again later. It is so frustrating because I need this R350 SDR Grant and the website is totally inaccessible and not working. I want to appeal my declined status, and have sent emails all over, all emails are being returned by the postmaster, failed to being sent. Please help me, I am in despair.

  2. I was waiting for more than a year for my appeal which finally in late June was approved. .Then it was announced that we would get payment on 22 June 2022..Three times day after day I went to 3 different Supermarkets the system was offline..This made me so sad and very angry!I questioned myself,why the he’ll are they (government ) doing us,this is just not right, also after voting ANC and almost getting killed in the 1985 riots and this is how get thanked…

  3. My April, May SDR still pending and June has been declined because of the money which was not even for me that was deposited on my account. I am not working and this R350 helped to buy food and photocopying my documents as I am still looking for a job

    1. I am not understand English but I m try so ( April decline/may pending/June approved but no payment /July pending) check my application please of 0720530523 I’d is 7805125382080 please p.

  4. I was declined, for alternative income source.I don’t know what the hell is that.because I haven’t received income since 2011. Srd/Sassa is forever creating stories and failing people what is due to them. Their families are well fed and they really don’t care about people. This is totally not fair..and they busy playing minds of very frustrated people, with the website that is not giving solution to all of this situation. I’m very angry.

  5. Hi Sassa, last year my SRD grant was declined for debtors then I applied for appeal evey month and it was still pending until I made new application this year April. When I checked last year’s application it was cancelled. Then my new application for April and May still pending and for June it said I was declined for alternative income, I am confused but if Sassa can tell me where this income comes from I will be glad.

  6. June decline but April and may is pending mine I don’t have source of income what is that but guys are you sure you want to give us that money please sassa tell us straight this is too much we are tired of you now

  7. I also want to know why my SRD for April and May is pending and June is declined because of alternative income.Why government is playing with minds?We need that R350 it makes so much difference in our lives

  8. Iam waiting since the beginning of this srd and still not one payment yet I have been approved since the second role out was declined for the first with no valued reason. Can someone help to release my payments. People who applied after me have their payments on time yet I’m still waiting all my details are correct and have been submitted over and over again just no payments have been made please assist in this matter thanks.

  9. My sassa srd R350 for April and may are still pending. June payment was received. How long more should I wait on April and may

  10. I have applied since last year Aug it says if but I’m not getting any uif money so I did an appeal so it says decline for Aug and approved for Sep Oct Nov but still did not receive any payment this government is just lies to the under privelled ppl that does not have any income at all will thy sitting with all the power I want my money please

  11. I was do re application in September 2022 for R350 grant bt I received decline on October 2022 due to income what what.I want to ask to sassa that where this income come from that they talking about? and I also confuse because September still pending bt October decline and I also want to this pending of September will take for how long?

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