We have received good news from many applicants who have been declined for Self Exclusionary Response Found declined status that after they have appealed, their June 2022 are now approved.

So if you are among those who were declined in June 2022, please go back and check your status (appeals status), you are more likely to be approved.


If applicants will recall, during the month of June when SASSA started payments for that month, a new phrase emerged called “Self Exclusionary Response Found” which basically meant the applicant admitted of receiving support and therefore does not qualify for the grant.

After some time and public outcry, SASSA opened the system for applicants to review their answers to the questions asked so that their applications can be reconsidered.


It is emerging that those who were declined for such reasons are being approved and we hope that they will be having their pay dates very soon.


By Edna

18 thoughts on “Check Your SRD R350 Status – Those Declined for June 2022 are noe approved May 2024”
  1. From February,March, April, May and June I didn’t get paid I did appeals but still declined.why?

  2. May approved on 20 July no paydate.
    June approved 25 June no paydate
    My opninion this is government and think big time corruption is going on, if there is no paydate by middle of Aug i will open corroption case against SASSA, my opnion

  3. By I didn’t get my 350 grant from June 2020, but if I go to shoprite,pickn pay they say there is no money at any more ,can I expect any money or there is no longer get it at any more?

  4. Appeals for previous 4 months have been approved but i haven’t receive the payment date..kindly assist

  5. I av also not been paid for april , June and July I even appealed it but nothing n I didn’t receive n e money in bank acc except sassa so I don’t know wt to do plz help

  6. My may is declined but i donot know because was received two months because I don’t get any income

  7. I don’t work. And I am a single mother who have not received any payment of April. ..I get sassa grant for my 5 year old daughter and I don’t have a incomes….so that is my story. ..and I see on my Status say July and August is pending.

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