Since yesterday (23rd June 2022) when the news broke that there was a mass decline of applicants who have been waiting for weeks of pending status over Self Exclusionary Response Found.

One key and a new term (phrase) that came up which led many applicants confused was the reason why some of them were declined.


The reason was “Self Exclusionary Response Found” and what the hell is that?

The bottom line was that the applicant has been rejected. But they wanted to know exactly what SASSA meant by that phrase so even if anything at all, they cam appeal that decision with confidence.

Self Exclusionary Response Found SASSA SRD R350

So today, Friday 24th June 2022, SASSA held a press conference which was streamed live on their official Facebook page,

Below is the explanation that they gave concerning that :

When applicants applied for the grant as from April they completed a screening questionnaire.    There are a number of questions in this questionnaire which, if responded to positively would self-exclude the applicant from receiving the grant – for example :

Question : If you were employed in the last 12 months, do you qualify to receive UIF benefits?


Question : How do you usually obtain your basic necessities on a monthly basis or where do you get money to support yourself if there is no R350 grant?

Question : Are you currently employed?

Question : Do your receive financial support from family or friends of more than R350 per month?

Further Details Offered by SASSA below :

“Exclusionary Response found:
The application has been declined because the information provided during the application process on the online application form, indicates that the applicant is already receiving a flow of funding; income or support of funds which is more than R350 per month, or the applicant stays in a government facility and therefore does not qualify for the grantc

SASSA Response to Self Exclusionary Response Found Decline Status

It goes on to explain that some of those questions, which applicants answered have some serious implications, for which they were not aware of. ‘They shot themselves in the leg”

The Next Question is “What to do Next”. For those are who are declined have the choice to appeal so that the application will be reviewed by the Independent Alternative Tribunal.

Click on the link below to appeal “Self Exclusionary Response Found” decline status


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