Photos: Actress Zinhle Ngwenya answers her ‘spiritual calling’, Lady Zee is now a Sangoma; Here’s how it happened

TV actress Zinhle Ngwenya has become a traditional healer.

Zinhle, who plays the role of a prophet in ETV’s House Of Zwide series, says that he has wanted this profession since he was young. The actress, also known as Lady Zee, now spends most of her time healing patients.

Talking to TshisaLIVE Lady Zee says she never stopped acting. “It was a matter of accepting my calling and I accepted it. It’s just that my job as a healer required me to listen, and I had to do it quickly.”


Lady Zee states that she is often given the role of a prince or prophet, and that if she is given a role that will lead her on a spiritual path,

“For instance when I’m on set I’ll have to burn incense, I’d tend to reach my spiritual level and that drove me to the direction I’m in now to attend to my calling. My fans will be seeing me back on TV again but I can’t say when because what I’m busy with now needs patience and understanding”, said Lady Zee.


The 40-year-old actor says she has completed filming as Zobe on Netflix. A new series that she can’t explain. She said: “I am Mama Chichi who starred in the Nollywood movie called Scream of the Black Woman alongside Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye.

“Myncall didn’t stop my acting career, but it did force me to pay attention. If I don’t understand the journey I’m on right now, I will complain or cry. But that’s not the case now. Everything works out in due time, and great things take time.” Lady Sea.


Zinhle Ngwenya
Photo creidt: Timeslive


Ngwenya has made impressive progress as a player but he cannot ignore his spiritual talent. He says it’s something he’s born with, and at the risk of admitting it, he can cook.

“It takes time to accept [spiritual gifts] because of worldly things, but eventually you will have to follow your own path. To finish my journey (to help you) I went to a place called Mamboni in Mozambique and that’s why I use plants from there. Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.”

Her family supports her, especially his sister Ngwenya, whom she admires because they are Christians and helped make the transition better for him.


She offers online and face-to-face counseling and says demand for services is high: “A lot of people come to me for counseling. I also perform purification rituals in the bush or in the river. I have patients from Europe and SADC countries. “I also deliver the grass via DHL,” she says happily.

He also says: “I have my own herbs/potions that I mix and sell to the public, such as black water, semaphore potion, infertility potion, anti-fertility potion, and thief potion.”

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