Have you tried to check your SRD R350 grants application status and found out that you are on pending?

Since SASSA reactivated their application status online module where applicants could check out their current status, millions of applications who were waiting for the reactivation have checked their status with varying feedbacks.


When your SASSA status pending

SASSA status pending for Post Office Payments

For some section of the applicants, when they check status the only thing that they see is pending. Others even claim they are part of the applicant that applied earlier when the system was first opened on the 6th of August 2021.

To them they are wondering what ordering criteria is sassa using to process applications. They don’t seem to grasp the reason why people that they applied before them are approved with some even paid.


When one’s application is on pending, the applicant can feel nervous because any outcome is possible : either approved or declined.

According to SASSA, applications submitted goes through a series of processes aiming at making sure that the the applicant deserves to be given the needed financial support.

If your application has been on pending for more than 2 weeks, then there is a need to follow up with sassa to find out what is the reasons behind the delay.

Remember, the verification process is done electronically and not manually therefore it could be some system error or oversight.


The hotline to contact sassa on is 0800601011 toll free number but because of the busy nature of the line usually it is very difficult to get your call through.

There are other channels available that one can get in touch with sassa.

Below are the official Twitter handle and Facebook pages of sassa, you can follow them for updates or have a chat with them in their inbox.

In most cases, they will respond to your request and address them but the most effective channel is the Twitter. Keep trying 👏👏👏

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By Edna

28 thoughts on “SASSA Status Pending – What Does It mean SRD R350 Grant”
  1. when I’m applying for 350 I’m using the same number for three people so I didn’t receive any money for that people I’m applying for the same number I didn’t receive the money because my ID number I the last one is a 088 and other guy other person is 087 and other one is at 8 something at 3 so I want to know you can I get which date

  2. I have received the same response since the inception of the SRD grant. UIF the last UIF payment was in January 2020

    Checked my status today 6/08/2021 still has the same status.

  3. I was applying for R350 since last month
    The response pending reason they said that I’m registered for uif although I was not working until now and I’m not receiving any income I don’t know why

  4. Mine was decline in August reason source of income but I’m not working I did appeal and In September it’s says identity verification fixed but still in pending October pending so I’ don’t know what to do anymore

  5. Mine 2020 june and july still pending.ather months 2020 were paid. 2021 august to october decline and november pending..

  6. I applied since October still it say pending I don’t know how coz I’m not working I’m not receiving uif

  7. Mine say’s identification varify failed and it’s on pending the whole of November I recieved all the other months

    1. Hello I reapplied for srd and it’s pending for more than 2 months now what is going on

  8. I applied since last year August still saying alternative source income n am not working please help


  10. Pending since I applied I don’t have any income can you assist. And I didn’t receive any UIF

    1. What do we do regarding this??.. I I’ve sent them e emails and with no response 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Hi sassa I got my June payment but my April ,May Pending when will I be approved please

  12. I reapplied for the R350 srd grant in may. May is still pending June was declined and July is still pending. I have never been employed and have no income. I am desperate for that money . Please can anyone explain why this is happening .

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