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Introduction: status check is the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant Application platform.

The website has many functionalities which includes the ability to apply, check status or balance either approved or declined or pending.

One thing that has been a major problem this time around is the fact that using the website to check status is currently put off and those who knows the link url to check get a failed message when checking status.

Please in case you want to know, track or check sassa srd R350 status, there are basic things you need to do. status check challenges and failed message

But before, we go to the checking of status using the website, SASSA being aware of the current challenges facing, has asked potential applicants to rather contact SASSA directly on the toll-free number 0800601011 to check their status online.

So if you are facing any challenge accessing your SRD R350 grants application status on the website, don’t panic or think that your application was rejected, but rather call SASSA to check for you.

That been said, sassa promise to reactivate the checking status module this week so that users can have the ability to check their own status. status check balance

Checking Status Using

The steps given below are straightforward and anyone can follow.

  • Go the site website and scroll down to the part of the page where you can check application status.
  • You can also directly go straight the url address to check status here.
  • When check the application module is fully loaded, you will be presented with a page asking for the 13-digits ID number and the cell phone number that was used during application.
  • However, if you see status check label being grey in color, it means the check status is still not activated.
  • After entering all the requirements, click on the submit button.
  • It will take you to a different page showing you including the current month, all the status. If you are approved, the payment date will be shown.
  • If declined, reason why they declined the application will be stated, so that you can appeal for reconsideration if need be.
  • If your status is pending, it indicates that, your application is yet to be vetted to find out if you qualify.

Post Office Payments Dates for September 2021

We are closely monitoring events and testing the platform, whenever we see any updates, we will be updating our cherished website readers and visitors.

Update : Now you can check your status using the website. Both the website and the GovChat platforms are currently working

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  1. Nomawethu

    I need to know when can I get my money for srd

  2. Nomawethu

    I need to know my date

  3. Mosimanegape


    1. Mosetsanagape

      When is my date

    2. Thembelihle

      I didn’t get the money its declined due to uif registration but im not working

  4. Sharief

    I need to now my date of payment

    1. DFlex

      I urge you to contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to check status for you

    2. Nomfuyo Siwani

      I’ve applied but didn’t get it they claim that I’m getting UIF of which I’m not working..

  5. Denise Stanton

    What if I am declined but can not do an appeal by reconsideration because the function not available yet, so by that means we could’ve done appeal asap but now we have to wait.

    1. DFlex

      Denise, contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to check status for you. If you are declined you have 30 days to appeal from the day of decline

  6. Keitumetse

    When I check my status it fail don’t know why

  7. Augustine Mzimba

    I need to know if I’m on the list of those who didn’t collect their previous money?

  8. Mosetsanagape

    When is my date

    1. Can I collect my money by the post office any time if I didn’t collect It on my date

  9. Cheverlee

    When is, Capitec clients 350 in when you are already approved by sassa.

    1. Cheverlee

      When is, Capitec clients 350 in when you are already approved by sassa.

  10. Mpendulo sphelele

    I want to know my srd approved by idid not find any SMS to show my money

  11. Dhavashni

    I missed my date it was 2day so wen can i go 2 collect my 350

    1. Siseko Kazi

      Good afternoon how to check balance 350?

    1. Nomcebo Ndlela

      I want to know my srd approved by I didn’t find any sms to show my money

  12. Jennifer

    Hi. My application is approved and was told which post office to go to. I got there and they scanned my ID, only to say im not on the system please help

    1. Sandra Cox

      Please check paydate for August.It’s still approved.I have received September payout today,13 October,but still nothing for August

  13. Nomhle

    My application is approved and payday is 1 but they did not mention where to collect my money

  14. L Williams

    My application is approved for August-have not received any monies as yet in my bank account? Will I still recieve for August or do
    I only recieve in September? Tried your call center 0800601011 ?? as soon as I choose option one-the cuts the call??Is there any other number to reach you??
    Thnk you

  15. Ranapo Virginia Seroka

    Since i applied on the 13 August was approved now has changed to uif registered
    Since 2012 not working
    I would like to know what is the problem.

  16. Nyanisile Simon Jaji

    I applied for srd it says still pending

    1. Princess khuduge

      I have received that R350 when I apply it says rejected

  17. Colin Jeffrey Lakay

    Why is sassa declining me every time but I’m not working because my brother is putting a150 or 200 in my account for me to live there are people that is working that still gets the money what is a 150 to a weekly wages this is so disgusting of sassa

  18. EDWIN

    im registered with UIF but im no longer working

  19. Muneeb

    I need to know when can we get this people with uif registered but did only casual

    1. Mbongiseni Nogonyothi

      I have a problem my application declined because of UIF appearing but I was acasual for one month and y contruct was terminated. Help me pls

  20. Muneeb

    I need to know when will we get our 350srd grant

  21. Mamolefe

    My grant was approved from August till November and it’s has to go through my bank ,,,but I haven’t received any notification for money,,since I applied I’m using capitec

  22. Bongekile f ntamo

    I ecline 4time bcz of source income but im not working how come mara yhoo🤔

  23. Ritesh

    Only approved…but no payday from September till December. Tried calling the call center but no one answers. They say you can send them an email.
    What do I do?

  24. Jenna's

    My sassa card keeps showing declined at the bank but my status is approved with paydates

  25. Thulebona

    Approved but not paydate

  26. Romeo

    Hey good day ma’am or sir
    I never got my R350 From the first time it was introduced

  27. Akhona ntuli

    I want to check my balance

  28. Maseru Zondeka

    Why my application was not approved because cause I am not working

  29. Elizabeth Sharon Methula

    Hi can i please have my collection date

  30. Siseko Kazi

    Good afternoon how to check balance 350?

  31. Hello ma’am or sir please can you help me for R350 I’m trying to apply since August 2021 approved after approve decline. I’m not working, I’m not receiving UIF I’m 4years sitting in the house not getting job please can you help me.

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