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Stop Checking your SRD R350 application status and Do this Rather – SASSA

One of the shortcomings of this year’s sassa srd R350 Unemployment grant is that applicants cannot check their status right away after submission of the application unlike the previous one.

Where from this? This has left many stranded both offline and online not knowing what is actually happening.

When you check online forums especially on Social media, the frustrations are clearly shown.

Status Failed SRD R350 Grant Status

The only reason SASSA says that is the fact that they are working on millions of applications and don’t want status checking to interfere with their current operations. They said they want to speed up August 2021 payments swiftly so that those that are approved can receive payments promptly.

That being said, when one visits the official website of the SRD grant thus, the application check module is grey signifying deactivation.

Thus the main reason that those who keep checking their SRD R350 status are receiving failed messages

Indeed, sassa has confirmed why the check application button is currently deactivated.

So what it stands now is to call SASSA toll free number 0800601011 and follow the voice prompt until any of their support agents responds.

Just ask the agent to check your status for you by giving the agent a correct ID number.

So far thus the only way you can truly check your #sassa #srd #R350 grant status currently. Although they promised to restore the application status module “soon”, but how sooner?

So please in case you chance upon this article, you can share with friends who are currently struggling to check their status whether approved or not.

It is when you know your status can you decide what action to take next

Already payments have started today Wednesday for which SASSA released a press statement to confirm that which can be found here

We have written extensively about this issue, but people are still waiting to check status. Please just get in touch with sassa for status because they have access to the backend of the system. So they can easily check if you’re approved or declined or whatever.

If you are using Post Office as pay points, then here is the Post Office Payments Dates for August 2021 SRD R350 Grant and that of September 2021 Post Office Payments Dates.

Since so many people are also calling the number, it might very busy, so you have to be patient and keep trying. Keep pushing. Don’t give up!

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  1. Vuyokazi

    How do i see that the money is ready to be collected?

    1. DFlex

      For Post Office Payments, you will receive SMS notification from Post office to collect your grant. Fir bank account, SMS alert from your bank or you check your bank account balance

      1. Tessa

        I am trying to put my bank details on my application but the link doesn’t work. Can someone please help? I have extreme chronic pain after an accident. I can’t stand in the queue. 0619164696

        1. Phuti seaba

          My application was declined saying
          Identity verification failed how come? How can I appeal?

  2. Sanele

    How can see pendings or approved so that if declined can quickly re apply coz can hepen to decline unnecessary but im not expect declaration

    1. DFlex

      Please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number, they will gladly check your status for you

      1. Linda

        Hi when I check status it says aproved on the 30 August so how long must I wait to receive the money

  3. Shakir

    I Applied online on the 7 August it’s says application active, also gave banking details no sms received from Sassa, confirm they received my bank details ,want to if I’m approved or pending

    1. DFlex

      Please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number, they will gladly check your status for you

  4. Elaine


  5. engel

    if u choose to receive the money as cash send will then send you sms with the pin?

    1. DFlex

      Yes, but they have to verify if the cell phone number is registered with the applicant’s name

  6. Bongani

    I have applied to SASSA through moya app, after I heard it is not registered with SASSA i checked my status and it says fail. What do I do?

  7. Gillian Davids

    Hi I applied from my daughter fone don’t know if its registered 2 her anyhow,I chose da instant money option…….just checked my status now and was approved,pay day was 28th August alrdy!So HW and wat do I do now 2 get my r350,can’t I switch 2 post office 4 payment?

    1. Nkosinathi Molife

      I applied long time ago my application was approved but still not getting any money

  8. Tembwa

    I check status say the pay is already but the money is not in my account

  9. Nompumelelo

    It says declined due to other saucer of income but iun not even working since jan2021

  10. Phuti

    It says declined
    Identity verification failed
    How can I re apply?

  11. Thabiso harrison moloko

    Your comment here…Hi I been unenployed for five years now a sassa tell me that I have a source of income how possible is that

  12. Lee

    when i check my application status it says my application is still pending, and when i go to check the existing application it says application already active and it also shows the months OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER but the outcome is pending. i am sooo confused guys id appreciate if yall can assist. i have not received an sms to say my application is approved. send HELP

  13. Millicent

    when I check my application status it says application complete and it also shows the month September and October but the outcome is approved but this month November shows outcome is pending
    I am Soo confused guys I’d appreciate if you all can assist.

  14. Maria Mdakane

    I apply my 350 September August October November approved and paydate also but no money via my acc bank if im going to post office say to me post office not selected what must i do? 0720157804

    1. DFlex

      Hello Maria, go back to switch your bank and check if your bank account details is verified or pending…..

      It might because of bank account verification, note that the bank account must bear the exact details of your official documents

  15. zanele

    I received the grant only twice n it just stopped and I lost the number I was using to apply for it so what can I do now cos it says approved online but its not on the sassa card like it usually is pls help

  16. Lawrence

    I didn’t received the R350 grant since it started and I’d been calling for appeal but I don’t see any progress. what should I do from here, I’ll be awaiting an immediate response as I’m starving when I write this

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