This is an update to our previous post asking applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant to stop checking their grants online.

In the post we asked desperate applicants to rather contact SASSA on 0800601011 to find out their current status for August 2021 SRD payments.


Although the line has been very busy, those who have been able to go through can confidently say their status.

When you are able to go through the line, the SASSA agent will ask for your ID number so that they can easily check your status.


Users should note that, the cell phone number (0800601011) is a toll free number so users are not charged for calling.

These are some of the comments from those who were able to talk to the agents :

"Approved with pay dates thus 27th August 2021." 

"Approved with pay dates : 28th August 2021"

"Approved without pay dates, bank account yet to be verified (Bank is Capitec)"

"Status is pending"

From the above comments from these applicants who are obviously happy, it is clear that SASSA is actually working in the background and as they have promised to reactivate the status check module online so that individual applicants can check their own status.

SASSA SRD R350 status check Call SASSA

It has to be noted that payments are currently ongoing and we have some applicants confirming their SMS alert from their bank accounts since Wednesday 25th August 2021.


SASSA is eager to help reduce agitation build up by this initial challenges experienced by grant recipients or applicants.

You can share your experience and feedback with us in the comments section so that others too can learn from it.

It is our hope that by next week Monday SASSA will reactivate the application check module to reduce the tension mounted especially online

They should also help our mothers and uncles who have no idea about online platform by using the local FM radios to educate them in their respective local languages about the happenings of the reinstated SRD R350 Grant.

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If you called SASSA, what was your status? SASSA contact line is very busy but you can also use Facebook or Twitter to connect with them.


By Edna

102 thoughts on “Approved With Pay Dates or Without Pay Day – SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application Status”
    1. I’m enquiring on behalf of my daughter her September was approved she was given a date but no money in her bank account (Capitec) she double checked if her bank details were correct via govchat… I just don’t understand why give a date and no money in the account… So disappointed 😥

      1. This is exactly what is happening to me too August, September I’ve been approved with a paydate appearing too but I haven’t received any income

  1. I chose da post bank option instant money option nothing is being said wen and how DAT will be paid out.I’m concerned coz nobody even commented on dis option.I chose my bank acc.last year and was sent a sms coz my new so money will be deducted and I don’t want dat dats why I chose da new option.

    1. I applied for my sister since last year she has been approved but she doesn’t get any payment date till now I don’t know what must I do

    1. Same like mine it’s appove but no money and September also approved …and I use capitac and I need money why is it like this …coz it’s aprove but no pay dates ffor both months

      1. Hi DFlex my current status for August and September both shows that I have been approved with no pay dates, I first used the ewallet method then decided to use my bank account. I am a caregiver and was told that the money would be in my existing sassa card up until now I haven’t received anything. This is very frustrating.

        1. If you are using ewallet then you may have to wait…. But caregivers should have their payments on their SASSA gold card.

          There might be some issue with your account. Better try to contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to check for you

          1. Good morning DFlex i was approved since April with paydates but so far i got paid one month don’t know when to collect my other approved month’s pay and July and August still pending I’m making use of pick a pay

  2. Is there anyone who selected cash send and received their payments um worried um the only one who chose cash send and myb that’s y there’s no payments

  3. Approved for August paydate the 30th but have not received any money in my bank account nd it’s almost the end of September. September shows pending.

    1. Mine approved with dates and no money.i chose to have my money sent to my capitec acc still nothing.yet few people I know received their money.sassa very disappointing.

      1. hi warren i am currently battling with that exact problem,approved with paydate but no money till today.why is it so difficult for these people to put the money in our account.MY WORD!this is modern times they dont have to go personally to our banks and deposit the money all they have to do is press 2 buttons at most and BOOM!bobs your uncle….but they complicate things to such a point it looks like they busy with nonsense(i mean what else are we to think)can you tell me please if you received your cash and how long did it take?

  4. My status for August and September say approved but no payday or money coming in what’s going on is this Sassa grant scamming us or playing with our thoughts is been a month since I got approved but nothing I used FNB bank

    1. Approved for August,September, October but no payday,I sent banking details but still no luck and I’m a caregiver why they don’t put it in the gold can then

      1. Hi my mother does not have a bank account thus I chose cash send for her as she is not well and cannot afford to afford stand long queues at the post office. My question is can there be any alternative option or maybe someone pick it up for her rather? Is it possible?

  5. Approved for August with no pay dates then change to my bank account capitec and approved for September with pay day 14 and October pending but still no payment

    1. Decline for June Alternative source of income I’m not working I want this my April May July is pending

  6. I’m enquiring on behalf of my daughter her September was approved she was given a date but no money in her bank account (Capitec) she double checked if her bank details were correct via govchat… I just don’t understand why give a date and no money in the account… So disappointed 😥

    1. Hi Even myself…Mine has been approved with a payday …22 November…but no sms…now message from my bank…why do they give payday..and No money

  7. I received an SMS asking to change from eWallet to my bank. I then received another sms saying it was successful. when I checked my status it shows approved and paydate for 13 October but no money has been received. What should I do? Call centre is constantly unavailable

  8. Am approved for both months August and September but no payments date and am using post office….whats happening?

  9. Hi I checked my August status approved I also given payday it was 27th August but I didn’t get the money for August I only receive September..plz help

  10. Hallo mine is also approve payday 3 September I check 2 times nothing in so when will i get it am a capitec holder thanx October also approved but no pay date

  11. My brother he is been approved since August no pay day till today all months are approved bt no payday why and he is not working?

  12. Good day I was approved for August September and October but still no pay date or money in my account I’m with capitec what’s wrong or taking so long for capitec clients to receive their R350 srd grant we really need the money

  13. Approved for August, September and October with paydates but no money reflected in my account. What could be the problem 😕

  14. Is the problem with Capitec bank or with SASSA? Because it looks like all of us are approved with paydays others without and the commonality is the bank we are using.


    1. Ive been approved this years Jan,feb ,march with payday results Jan 1 Feb 1 and Mar2 these days hv already passed and these applications r filed can i collect the money at the post office without a sms?

  16. Hi it’s Sandra Thaver I was approved for March 2022 but no pay date I didn’t receive any money April n May was pending then approved for June received R350 via Pick n Pay pending for July I checked for April it’s approved but no pay date I did a reconfirmation on the 4th of July pls hw is it possible to be paid certain months n not the other months I’m unemployed n struggling n it’s hard to get money jus to go on the website let alone travelling to check for payment at Pick n Pay pls help me much appreciated tnx pls reply my cell no 0680579995 tnx

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