One of the the things SASSA put in place so that applicants can be sure that their applications are are submitted successfully is to give the respective applicants SMS confirmation.

It serves as security for the applicant because the SMS contains the application ID (App ID) code and the some segments of the applicant’s ID number.


Take a look at the image below for reference.

A confirmation SMS for successful applications

It goes that like this :


SA ID xxxx… xxx. Application ID : xxxxx. SASSA Confirms successful update of banking details for SA POST Bank. Your SRD R350 Grant Application is now active.


It has to be noted that the last part indicates the payment option chosen or how the applicant will be paid.

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The Post Bank or Post Office is the default payment method and if the applicant fails to provide personal bank account post office or post bank is automatically chosen.

Now when they say that application is ACTIVE, it does not mean the application is approved. It means is now under consideration or pending.


It is yet to go through the verification process to determine whether or not the applicant qualifies to be paid.

As it has been the norm for the past few days, if you really want to check your status, the best thing is to call SASSA toll free number 0800601011 to check for you.

To check srd R350 status, click here

Update to this story :

Now all the platforms are working efficiently when checking status of your application SRD R350 GRANT.


By Edna

16 thoughts on “Application Active – Does that mean application approved for SRD R350 Grant Application Status Online Balance Check”
  1. I haven’t been employed I have no income at all I’ve been trying since this pandemic started to get my SRD grant. But all sassa does is leave me on pending. I feel it’s unfair to not be approved. Please give me feedback.
    Thank you.

  2. I think there’s something wrong how can one be told they are declined because they are you uif register, when going to labour you find out the company that put a claim on your behalf doesn’t exist even their numbers, even worse the claim has already been processed, now you are told to go and look for the company which doesn’t exist so that they can cancel the claim, what must one do now?.

    1. Jst heard tht some child grant beneficiaries also receive this social relief,funny enough that those who have no source of income get declined,its sad really

  3. Hi. I applied for sassa srd, but forgot the phone number that I applied with. Now I cant do any follow-ups. Can you please help me with the nessassery info, forword.
    Thanks in advance.
    Salahudeen James

  4. I applied for this 350 since last year but never succeed all it says am registered for uif and I have never worked before.

  5. I’ve been approved and receiving since last year August. I was supposed to be paid today on the 20th but nothing. When I check online, they don’t show me pay date but a six digit number.

  6. What is happing please I’ve been reapplying for the srd R350 in April the 23th so this means I’m not gone get April’s money…..and I’ve received a SMS to say my application successfull….. But it still pending

  7. Approved under reconsideration from August 2022 to November 2022 with no dates, waiting for the bank verification till nw.srs sassa work black people like this

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