Have you successfully submitted your SRD R350 application but when you check your status, you are greeted with a sad message “failed”.

If you are one of those applicants facing this problem, then you are not alone.


A huge number of applicants who have already submitted their application and received confirmation SMS that their applications are ACTIVE are also experiencing same.

When SASSA was contacted about this issue, sassa said that as much as huge number of applicants are accessing the website, these things are abound to happen.


One thing can be attested, when you visit the main website for SRD R350 Grant, the module to check application status is grey in colour indicating that it is activated.

SASSA has intentionally deactivated that side, just to concentrate on those who have submitted their application and process them for payments.

According to SASSA, there is a huge number of applications received so far, and all these have to be worked on so that those who are approved can receive payments promptly.

Not only have they deactivated status checking module, but also the module to update, submit or change bank account details.


Applicants who failed to submit their bank account details upfront or made mistake in entering their account numbers may have to use the post office payments for August 2021 SRD R350 Grant collections.

The woes of applicants are far from over as this will increase the number of applicants who will have to queue up at various post offices across the country to collect their grants.

For those who succeeded in submitting the correct banking details upfront are likely to receive their payments directly into their bank account.

This issue have reduced drastically as it was caused by system challenge and if anyone is still facing this problem then you better be in touch with sassa.

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Changing Bank Account Details Not Yet Activated – SASSA

Sometimes it could be system error, so you have to continue checking your srd sassa gov za status…


By Edna

23 thoughts on “Status Failed – SRD STATUS Check For SRD R350 Grant Application August 2021”
  1. The pending process takes time for me i wish i could know why its pending so that i can re -apply because i really need the money

    1. it hurt how its happend bcs even last year i did get this money nd i’ve triend to go to sassa offices they gave me a number 03384…. but no one answer it so now i just wanna know how can i do bcs it keep on saying it failing nd i’ve tried to do a appeal last month
      please help me i really need this money..

  2. Hi, how can I change my phone number. I lost the sim card I used to apply srd grant and now I am unable to update my Banking details.

  3. I cannot see my status for my reconsideration application sassa has taken that down how do I know if my appeal has been approved

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