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SASSA R350 Grant Post Office August 2021 Payment Dates

Some applicants of the reinstated SRD R350 Grant Applications just want to know the SASSA R350 Grant Post Office 2021 Payment Dates for August.

Post Office is the default pay point for the SASSA SRD R350 grant payments. It is best for applicants who do have their own bank accounts or phone numbers that are registered for ewallet or Cash Send.

You only need to present your ID card or document to withdraw your grants from the Post Office.

With the ID card, you can access your grant at any nearest post office.

Earlier, applicants had to go to any post office for collection, but due to a number of other factors including overcrowding, Post office introduced a system where applicants only go to the post office on particular date.

Post Office Payments Dates for August 2021 SRD R350 Grant Application

The system was such that approved applicants with pay dates were assigned dates for collection depending on the last three digits of applicant’s ID number. Example last three digits of South African ID system is like : 080, 081, 082, 083, 084, 085, 086, 087, 088, & 089.

They were put in groups of two for a particular months. For example, if the pay dates for 080 & 085 are for Monday, then post office will expect that, in that date only applicants with last three digits of their IDs 080 & 085 will be served at the post office.

This was to help reduce congestion at the various Post office and other pay points.

But prior to the reinstated SRD R350 Grant announced by the president in July which was to start in August, Post office was no more using this last three digits system.

But with the introduction of the grants again, Post office will have to continue to use the system.

We have chanced upon some Post Office Payments Dates for August, but we cannot independently confirm if it is accurate or official.

Find below these payment dates.

Post Office Payments Dates for August 2021 SRD R350

Per the image intercepted, payment are as follows :

  • Monday, 23rd August 2021 – 084 & 089
  • Tuesday, 24th August 2021 – 080 & 085
  • Wednesday, 25th August 2021 – 081 & 086
  • Thursday, 26th August 2021 – 082 & 087
  • Friday, 27th August 2021 – 083 & 088

It has to be noted that, no payments are made on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and and on holidays.

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  1. Capitec bank

    How can i tsansfer payment from post office to capitec

    1. Andisiwe sako


    2. Abia

      resubmit bank details

    3. Sithandile fanelesibonge Mthembu

      Sithandile fanelesibonge Mthembu
      Account no 1823065323
      Capitec Bank

      1. Ayanda

        How ?

    4. Frans

      I never reserves my salsa grant money

  2. Mercia Booysen

    Is this now really the truth of the paydates just wanna know?

    1. DFlex

      Note that there is a disclaimer. Source cannot be confirmed

    2. NADIA

      My Aug.350 was in today thnx capitec

    3. Laurence

      Please transfer my salsa grand to my Capitac acc

  3. xhalisile

    i have applied last year on may and got that money of may last year july. these year on 16 august igot only 350 were is my money from july last year untill these year?

  4. mapulaka sanna modise

    I mapulaka sanna modise I declare that i recived grant sassa for 1 child his name is clantorn modise he is at school i need help i apply for R350 i am not working thank you

  5. Vivian

    I’m not working at all and my 350 application is approved but I’m still waiting for payment till now please help me because I really need that 350 for my needs

  6. Raviona Bird

    Still waiting for payment of August was approved but I’m still waiting for payment

  7. Raviona Bird

    I’m still waiting for payment of August was approved but still waiting for payment

  8. Xolani

    Still waiting for my August payment

  9. Dineyo

    Why do i get approved but no pay for augast and its a mnth now september pending how long must we wait for paydate..

  10. Wendy

    Status is approved for August but no payday, please I’ve been waiting and I need this money for my toletories

    1. Nomthandazo

      Status is approved form august a till November but no payday please ive been waiting

  11. Tladi SE

    I haven’t received my grant yet please assist me

  12. Chauke Hlulani

    Hello i didn’t received a srd grant they are aprove 3 months but there’s no pay date

  13. Chauke Hlulani

    I didn’t received a srd grant but all of the moths are aprove but there’s no pay day

  14. Martha

    I only have approve but no dates please help what can i do

  15. Zizonke

    I have not received my August payment

  16. Charmaine

    I help my son to apply for sassa r350
    I open e wallet ac for him,today is him last time to collect at the post office.
    He is not living with me.
    Please help me

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    I haven’t received November n December payments I don’t know why is that

  18. Magadla Mzoxolo

    I haven’t received December and January payments, I don’t know why

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