You are currently viewing SASSA  r350 grant application status check 2021 August pay dates

SASSA r350 grant application status check 2021 August pay dates

According to SASSA, the SASSA r350 grant application status check is not fully functional.

SASSA made this known during a Twitter chat with some aggrieved applicants who are finding it difficult to check their status online.

But in a reply, sassa made it known that, they are aware of the current challenges facing by the applicants and that they are not sleeping on the job, but working assiduously to have these applicants issues resolved once for all.

They are very much aware and not that they created the system so that applicants will face difficulty and reject the grant altogether out of frustrations as some applicants insinuating.

Status Check R350 SRD grant online application

SASSA acknowledged that due to the fact the virus has been a major threat to their human resources, they are now understaffed across the various offices across the country.

In view of this, applicants must bear with them as they try their possible best so that all approved applicants will be able to collect their grants without much hassle.

Therefore, if you receive a prompt response when checking status on the website that says “failed”, you need not worry about it as it is more generic system problem rather than an individual isolated case.

Gradually, system will become more stable so that users can access the site smoothly without much difficulties.

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    when can we check or change our banking details on srd site? still saying failed.

    1. Thulile

      I want to change my bank details

      1. Teboho Samuel Tsaoane

        Since this days every month my application is approved without getting payed

  2. Marasa

    We want to change from post office to bank.

  3. Alvin

    Eish when are we allowed to check our statuses because we need to feed our family’s as some of us has lost our jobs due to lockdown please let us know atleast we know there’s a small income which we appreciate

    1. DFlex

      Haha, Alvin, for now you cannot check your status. If you are approved your grant will be paid directly into your bank account or else you will receive SMS notification from the Post Office for collection

    2. Mathabo gwabeni

      Decline saying Uif registration, I’m not getting Uif money, no source of incone

      1. Innocentia

        My srd was cancelled i need help and i m not working

  4. Lizelle

    When will we be able to see out status we need to know what is happening. We want to see if we are approve or not.

  5. Evan de jonk

    Can u please tell me can collect my 350

    1. DFlex

      Evan de jonk, please call SASSA on toll free number 0800601011 to check status for you

  6. Eric

    I try to change my bank details I failed.

    1. DFlex

      Please for the mean time you cannot change banking details, unless may be September

  7. David

    We are all need Jobs South Africa @2021

  8. Portia

    Sassa this time you gave us promblem we don’t know where we stand we are unable to get our status

    1. DFlex

      Please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number

  9. Godfrey Ndhlovu

    I already applied for sassa R350 Relief Grants, so I didn’t get a reply back weather I’m approved or not,then I didn’t put my bank account while I got it I want to go to collect my money at post office firstly before I can provide my bank account,cause I’m afraid of the fraudsters people cause the still money in the account of people by technology

  10. Babalwa Faniswa

    I applied for R350 I did say pending the last time I I can’t go through

    1. Aletta

      My sassa is not showing pay date but it a provider so when a will get a date a needs that Maney a not working

  11. Babalwa Faniswa

    I applied for R350 It did say pending the last time I I can’t go through

  12. Nhlanhla

    Declined for August
    Declined if registered

    Which is the truth here? Uif from where

  13. Tsepang

    I have applied srd grand declined said uif registered

  14. Innocentia

    My srd was cancelled i need help and i m not working

  15. Noroyi Veronica Mashiyi

    I apply it is diclain for alternative income but i haven’t get any income since from 2020 after my uif is finish i tray to apply was still diclaine for alternative income what can i do to apply for SRD grant

  16. Cebsile

    from last month approved but no pay date.what i must do?

  17. Sello prince makondo

    Hy am selling prince am trying to change my datails from cash out to bank how will I do that help

    1. DFlex

      Go to the site and scroll down to the section where there is label asking you change banking details and follow the instructions there

  18. Unathi

    Sassa grant approve but I don’t get any payment what I can do

  19. B

    Im approved but didn’t get it

  20. Florence mohale

    I’m not working and am not getting uif no source income please help me


    I was working for 3 months n it was a contract so right now i’m not getting R350 bt before this contract i was getting R350 so i dont know wats happening

  22. My application for SRD (August and September) declined due to other incomes that are not mine i am not working.this is the sms that I received so I’m not working I need help!!!

  23. cry chris MKANSI

    my application for august and september 2021 declined due to altanative souce of income that i havent received also last year declined due to uif ever since i am out of work in march 2020 till today i am not working when i apply it decline why please help

  24. Piet Melusi

    Iam unemployed not uif qualifyer not irp5 qualifyer not working at all

  25. Patrick moloantoa

    Since I apply till now I didn’t get nothing from them

  26. Aphiwe

    Hello sassa y we don’t get approved I don’t get any income since 2020 still said not approved why

  27. Bhongane

    I’ve been rejected because of uif but when u go labor they say your money is too little. Please help me to get 350 as I am unemployed

  28. matthews phokoje

    No uif

  29. Zintle

    I apply last year but when I check my status say refferd plz help me

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