For now we have a cause to jubilate as applicants for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant.

For weeks, some applicants would want know when payments will start. And since no official statement coming from SASSA, it left many applicants in the dark.

SASSA SRD R350 grant latest News Updates

Confirmed Payment Dates August 2021

But just yesterday, SASSA has confirmed the payment dates for August 2021 SRD R350 Grant payments will start.

On Twitter, sassa replied to a comment to one of their posts when a suer asked when payment will start.


SASSA made it clear that the payment of the SRD R350 grants for the month of August 2021 will start Monday, 23rd August 2021.

From Monday going, applicants will start seeing their status if approved with pay dates or without pay dates.

If there is any decline, the reason for the decline will be given.

Applicants are encouraged to exercise constraints and have hope that their applications are being worked on and all those truly qualifies are approved and paid.


As it has been said over and over again, applicants were asked to submit their bank account details upfront for swift payments.

Difficulties Checking SRD R350 status

In another development, SASSA has acknowledged the fact that most applicants are not able to check their status.

According to SASSA, it is as a result of the high number users accessing the website at the same time.

So all those who have issues regarding the failed status can be rest assured that they will be resolved soon.

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By Edna

14 thoughts on “Good News : SASSA To start SRD R350 Grant Application Payments August 2021”
  1. When you didn’t get your payments of August and September but I’ve hand in my bank account details but I haven’t get my payments what’s the delay?

  2. I didn’t get my payments of August and September and I’ve hand in my personal bank account details and it was active and successful. I also receive child support grant for my child but still i haven’t get the srd relief grant on sassa gold card

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