You are currently viewing August 2021  SASSA SRD R350 Payment Dates for  Post Office and Bank

August 2021 SASSA SRD R350 Payment Dates for Post Office and Bank

For new applicants who have already submitted successfully their application for the reinstated sassa SRD R350 grant, what is next is to know the payment dates for the month of August 2021.

Indeed a large number of applicants have been able to submit their application and it is currently pending.

SASSA SRD R350 grant post office m bank payment dates for August

Unlike the previous SRD R350 Grant where applicants had to wait days or weeks before seeing status changing to pending and subsequently approved or declined.

This time around, applicants are asked to submit their bank account information upfront making it more convenient to pay when the pay date is due.

SASSA has assured that first payments for August 2021 will be paid in the last week of the month thus from 23rd to 31st August 2021.

So applicants whose applications will be approved are expected to be paid from Monday 23rd to Tuesday 31st.

For those who have already submitted their bank accounts, payments are usually paid into their account on the payment date seen when status is checked.

For those who will use post office as collection point, they may have to wait a bit longer. They will only need to come along with their national ID card

We will keep our readers updated when there is a new development.

It is likely post office will continue to sue the last three digits of applicant’s ID number to help reduce congestion at the various branches

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  1. Matshedisho Bernice Motlatsi

    I applied for Srd in may 2020 was declined since then bt last week when I checked March n April was approved and payday was 30 July 2021 so what happened to previous payments will I ever get it or must I forget about it as I’m unemployed with no source of income

    1. Johannes mashigo

      I called them they say we must forget about it i wonder why they do this to us

      1. DFlex


        1. I was applying,and right my account details, massage was that my application and Bank details are approved,I keep waiting for a moment

      2. Sello

        My payment it decline since last year March until now an im unemployment

    2. Kefilwe

      Was declined in 2020 and I reapplied it was successful. Please try again.

  2. Barendre Gouws

    I appeal every time my application was declined and eventually you approved March but all the other months was declined as im unemployed for more than four years and I promise you that I have no income. I emailed my cv every day without success. This matter is not fair and im disappointed. Please look into my 2020/2021 application im not irp registered and have no income.

    1. Dalene Wilnete Cupido

      Good morning my grant was approved for August, September and October with no pay date how do I go about this

  3. Boitumelo Ariel

    Goodday I also applied since The beginning or introduction of this srd grant. The problem was I was declined for the whole duration but I’ve been unemployed since 2012. I did send an appeal email but still no joy. I’m an indigent living with a pensioner and no other source of income as I’m unemployed!

    1. DFlex

      What was the reason for the decline?

  4. Gift Dube

    Take yours ID’s and make a copy go to your nearest post office you will get your money If you were previously approved before the 31 August 2021

  5. Ronnie

    I’m a caregiver for 3 kids why is my SRD Grand denied

  6. Basil adonis

    Ek was by die postkantoor maar hulle se eers maandag

  7. phines

    stll wait for date of payment for august

    1. Shakirah


  8. Vale

    Mine change from approved to pending

    1. Thandi

      3weeks baxk but no paydate why?

  9. Anneke

    My outcome for srd R350 shows approved for august 2021. When will i then receive payment into my personal bank account

      1. Adrie

        What are the payment dates if approved ?

  10. Shaney titus

    What I my payment date I was approved without payment date

  11. Johanna Gladys

    Hi my outcome is declined identify varrivaction failure I submitted correct surname how long for approval

    1. B.n

      Same here too I’m starting to worry I’m approved for August and September but no payment dates I went to the Post office they said the money is not in yet I wonder what can we do to solve this☹️🤨

      1. DFlex

        What was your initial payment option? Post office or ewallet?

  12. Shakirah

    I’ve been approved for August 2021 but no payment date & September is already pending 😒

  13. Suzan

    My August srd says approved does this havent receive any money or a date to collect my money

  14. Kano Mofokeng

    Can i have the dates for the cardless withdrawal September 2021.??

  15. Dalene Wilnete Cupido

    Good morning my grant was approved for August, September and October with no pay date how do I go about this

  16. Ondela

    Good morning my grant was declained and i apply for reconsideration for August. September.October and November but still no approved

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