SASSA Status Check For  R350 Application Payment Dates August 2021

For many who have successfully applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant, they wish to check their approval status and even their payment dates.


As SASSA has already stated, this SRD R350 grant is virtually done online and no paper forms or whatsoever will be considered.

As such all enquiries are done electronically online from applications, approved or decline or payments or appeal.


Check SASSA SRD R350 Status and Payment Dates

If you want to check your SASSA SRD R350 grant SRD R350 grant status, these are the best way to follow and also check payment dates.

  • Enter your ID number and the cell phone number used to apply.
  • Click on the submit button. Refer to the attached image.
  • Your status for all the previous months will show.
  • Click on the month you want to check its status.
  • You will the status either:
    • Approved with pay dates
    • Approved without pay dates
    • Decline with the reason why the decline
    • If approved with pay dates, you see payment date, in the format pay year/month/day. For example ~ 2021/7/28 means pay date is 28th July 2021. Those using banks as payment option usually receives it on this day and post payments delays a bit.
    • Filed stamp : is an indication if indeed payment have been issued from SASSA to the bank or to the post office. Refer to the images below.
SASSA SRD R350 Grant Status Check and payment dates
SASSA SRD Grant status check for payment dates

Checking SRD R350 status check payment dates using GovChat

Ifyou used WhatsApp or GovChat to apply for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant, then you can equally use this platform to check your status and payment dates. One thing you have to know is to make sure to save the reference code (an alphanumeric key that was generated by the system after completion of the SRD grant application.

If you did not apply with either GovChat or Whatsapp then there is no way you can use any of them to check status.

Follow the link and enter the phone number used to apply and click on sign in.


When the page is loaded fully, click SASSA services and choose the SASSA SRD R350 from the drop down list. Click on checking application status. A screen prompts asking you to enter the reference number will pop up, enter the reference number given during registration and submit. Your status will show if approved, declined or pending.

But if you want a detailed explanation of your status and pay dates, then better click on the link below to have full access to your SRD R350 grants application status.

Visit the website :

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Take Note that post office payments are only done in week days. No payments or withdrawals from Post office during weekends and holidays.

If you check your status and you see failed message, contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number fo check your status.


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62 thoughts on “SASSA Status Check For R350 Application Payment Dates August 2021”
    1. I have problem about my 350 no payment date .. October and November and December .. please help me……8810105912087…….my account number is 51043704829……name of bank tymeBank branch number is 678910

  1. I want to know what must I do if my sassa relief fund was not payed all of it just pay only for 2month. What heppen to the other payment of another months?
    Do i go to sassa office or what for my complain please help me.

  2. On february 2021 i didnt go to post office for my R350 so id like to ask if theres any chances of getting it?

  3. for the last 4 months i did not go to collect my R 350 of moving from place to place i am now in free state so i like to ask if theres any chances of getting it?

  4. Hey my name is Lloyd Tshireletso Nkogatsi, I lrft work around 2019/02/03 and when the social grants started i applied and kept saying irp5 so i considered in going to sars and confirming if i have any payments they said no and i must consider consluting with sassa so i dont what else to do right now

  5. i applied 2020 for srd grant i never go to collect my money at post office due to long ques my payments we approved and also received pay dates. now i re applied for the new cycle of the grant now i want to now whether will i also got my previous payments from the post office when my application is being approved successfully in August 2021. Please assist

      1. Good day,

        I received my last UIF payment last year August, I applied the following month for the 350r grant but was declined, it’s been a year that have passed and I applied again and still declined, I’m unemployed with no income, where do SASSA see I have a income if I don’t have a income?

        1. hi my lady..
          sassa will always pick any uif which is a year or less
          but after 12months the record is cleared on the system as a uif beneficiary.
          but u mat how ever appeal with sassa through an avidavit,SARS and your banking statement for 6months for as long as you dont receive any money morethan 4000rands a month….

    1. Hi woulik like to no how long do you have to wait for this 350 I’ve been waiting 3months now for paydates I’m approve for August September and October is pending.

  6. Good day im worried i apply on earl August my application approved gaves me date 1 September but today it’s 19 September still no money on my capitec. Even myom didn’t receive any money through post office. We are real worried about this.

    1. Are you sure your Capitec Bank Account is accurate, please contact the bank…. But in anyway, did you submit your bank account upfront or after you have already submitted the application?

  7. My status so that I’m uif registered but I’m not getting any money from them no u robbing me from money that I should get please check my account please

  8. How come people who work and get paid weekly was approved for sassa R350. This is so unfair. If approved from September 2021 when is sassa paid. We are now in October 2021

  9. Since i have applied for sassa 350r grant it always decline me and immediately i reconsider confirming that i no longer recieve any money from Nsfas,but it always says i Nsfas restered which is true but i don’t get money from Nsfas cause I’m not at school.Now can u help how can i do it so i can have Sassa grant 350r please .

  10. Hi my name is Franco,I want to no,I has been re-apply in August last year with the same contact num,so I were checking my status, than it were show me,re-application pending,an that was going on until early in January, so I did apply again in the 2 week in January again but with a different contact num,so in the following 3 days,I get my paydate,so tell me,is it not serposted to get all 6months money

  11. Good morning..last year I apply for R350 then I was declain..I apply for reconsideration for August. September. October and November but still no approved

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