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SASSA SRD Status Check – Easiest Way


SASSA SRD Status Check should not be hard to do as far as you have access to the internet. Among the many ways to check your #sassa #srd #R350 grant status, which includes GovChat, WhatsApp, Moya etc, but the most convenient and easy way is to use the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant.

For those of you have applied for the #sassa Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant which was introduced in May 2020 as a way to protect people’s livelihood due the impact of the global viral pandemic.

Below you will find a simplest way to check your status.

  • Open your phone or computer internet browser preferably Google Chrome
  • Enter or Click on the url address :
  • It will request for your mobile phone number used to apply and you 13 digit ID number.
  • Enter them correctly, and click on the “Submit” button.
  • A new web page will be loaded showing you status dashboard.
  • Status dashboard gives you this if available :
    • Month
    • AppID (Application ID)
    • Post Office (in case you want to collect the grant from Post, you specify which Post office)
    • Outcome (Either approved or. Declined or Pending.
    • If approved, pay date filed date will be shown.
    • If declined, reason for the decline is shown.

Note the following when checking SRD STATUS

  1. Make sure your internet connection reception is optimized.
  2. Use at least 3G handset or or equivalent connection.
  3. If the status check fails, clear the cookies of the browser.
  4. Make sure that you enter the correct phone number and ID number as used when applying.
  5. Don’t ask strangers to check your status for you. Only ask a friend or relative to check if you cannot do it yourself.
  6. If you are still having challenges checking your status, call SASSA on phone (Toll free – 0800601011) or contact them on Twitter @ OfficialSASSA

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  1. Melissa

    The same here also from November to April approved but no pay date 😢

  2. I also want to know,I have apply for SASSA in the 1month of the SASSA coming,till up to date I am not registred on SASSA?

    1. Lutho

      My payment is approved but the date is not shown

  3. Krubandrin Pillay

    How do I check if I’m registered cos I’m using a different cell no from before

    1. Sphelele

      It says I have alternative income bt I don’t have why

  4. Adelaine

    I’m trying to check my status since yesterday. Why does it show FAILED???? Before that it showed that my reconsideration application were approved.

  5. Rosie

    I would like to change my payouts from the post office bank to my own banking account at Capitec Bank. How do i change it….please help me.

  6. Nonny Noluthando

    How do I check my status

    1. Mphile

      Wow! How can u ask that question 🤔

  7. nkosikhona

    I apply last year Decline n now status pending no Nsfas no work

  8. Zamokuhle Dladla

    Please help me I don’t find any information about my application for SRD please help me

    1. Tshegohatso

      I tried to on what date will i receive my 350 grant, then it say failed what must i do

  9. maggie

    I didn’t get any income but it says decline why? 😥

  10. Mtshikwe nosicelo

    Hi last yr i applications was not aprovv and this yr decline why

    1. Johannes Mogaga Mosia

      Hi i apply from August still now it says sources of income decline iam unemployed please help

  11. Hilda

    It keeps on saying pending but when i check on whatsapp it says my application is incomplete

    1. DFlex

      Please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number to check status for you

  12. Christelle

    Hi my 350 grant has been appoved..i applied 18 aug by end of August it was approved..and i added my banking betails.. but still no payment pls help…

  13. Manyathela Jerry

    Checked my status n is approved…but lately declined identifying another source of income which was five years ago. What’s going on. M not working people

    1. Bongani

      No this SASSA SRD is not working for us because I applied for it and they told me I got an income but I don’t have any income and I don’t know where is that money coming from as far as I know i don’t get any money any where,atleast they told us where does the income coming thus us all lies..

  14. Thobela

    How do i check status

    1. Leoni

      Hi same here I have applied for the SRD grant since may 2020 with 0812679985 number and was told that I have been declined of sassa grants
      So this year I applied for it on a different number and I have been approved and have given my bank details since the 6/8/21 still have not been paid this is really not nice I’m a single mother with no income and now support

      1. DFlex

        When you check your status, do you have pay dates?

        1. Nkateko

          Hi … why does it says pending while last month I got the money ?

          1. DFlex

            What you received was for August 2021, September is now pending

  15. elihle

    PLease help me my sassa doest show pay dates

  16. lebohang

    Hi! i applied for srd on august and approved but payment dololooo?

  17. lumaye

    i applied for sassa srd 350 but I’m still declined for august but pending for September
    so will i get my money for august?

  18. Neliswa

    My status is approved for both months with no payment dates stated, I’ve changed my payment method from the post office and added my banking details nothing received yet please help

  19. Nkosinathi Tyhwashu

    It says I have alternative income while I don’t have any income since September 2020.
    What can I do ? To solve this problem.

  20. Mmakomane jeanette

    I am not getting uif pleas

  21. David Jones

    I was approved on 2020 and recieved all my payments but was declined in 2021. Nothing in my life has changed re employment or income. I have tried to appeal via the website but it f isn’t seem to be working /not sure if my appeal went through. What is the link for the appeal process please.

  22. Claudelle

    Mine says identification failed… I don’t know why coz I was using the same identity ever since and I was getting the grant but since August I’m declined but I’m using my identity as it is at home Affairs

    1. DFlex

      Please go the SRD R350 Grant website and update your name and Surname….

  23. Zodwa

    Decline because of income source

      1. Namhla

        From August last year it keeps on saying ‘pending’ on outcome after changing to(no alternative income) and for other months it’s says”exceeded cutoff date” this is really frustrating people. Please help us we are in desperate need.

  24. Lesego

    It say i have an alternative income but i don’t have why

  25. Noluthando

    My application is decline why because no work

  26. Merriam

    I applied on August and aproved, September was aproved and i get the payment date, till today i didn’t get the money absa cash send nothing

  27. Zanele

    My status is approved for both months with no payment dates stated and i added my banking details nothing received yet please help.

  28. preccy

    mine since declined for all months from aug and appealed no respond

  29. Zenande

    Tough being black uneducated in the world God come take your children 💛💛💛🌼🌼🌼💛💛💛💛💛

  30. Shaundon

    Hi I’ve been approved for Oct and Nov 2021. Oct doesn’t have pay day but Nov says pay day 22 but I haven’t received any srd money in my Capitec account. How long does it take?

  31. Petrus Dumisele Mkhuma

    I don’t get it this Sassa free landline doesn’t work anymore, all payments from Sassa declined due to my closed bank account that to them is receiving money from no one knows but Sassa, can they kindly explain how is this happening!?

  32. Sibongiseni

    It says I have alternative income which is not true

  33. Thabang

    Ramphosa nabantu bakhe bas jwayela amasimba.. Let’s sue the government because they are eating our money

  34. SIPHO


  35. Nosiphiwo

    It says have alternative income but i don’t have.why?

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