Moya App Download SASSA Payments SRD R350 Applications and Status CheckMoya App Download SASSA Payments SRD R350 Applications and Status Check

Using the Moya app for SASSA Payments May 2024

Follow these steps to access the SASSA SRD grant

  • Open the play store app
  • Search for the Moya app.
  • Choose the first one that appears.
  • Install the app and follow the on-screen prompts to configure the app.
  • You can download the latest version from this website: or Playstore
  • It requests your mobile phone number to send an OTP code and submit the code.
  • Open the app
  • Click on the “Money and Services” section.
  • Click on the SASSA Relief button.
  • Choose the section that suits your needs.
  • You can use the Moya app to check your SASSA SRD payment status.
  • You can also use it to update your personal information.
  • You can also use it to apply for reconsideration.
  • You can use it to change the payment option from the default Post office to your preferred bank account.
  • Get your phone number and ID number handy as you need them for most of the modules.
  • Do you want to check your payment dates, click here

Moya app is a free-to-use mobile software that can be used to manage SASSA payments especially SASSA SRD of R350 Grant in 2023 and beyond and it is moreover data free for some selected mobile telecom operators in South Africa


With this, you can check out your SRD status, apply for reconsideration or appeal using the new appeal platform ( change payment options, cancel the SRD grant and even apply for the grant.

Moya App Downloads

For now, the app is only available to Android users and is available at the Google Play store for free download.


Note that you can also check your SASSA srd status here

Moya App Download SASSA Payments SRD R350

By Edna

64 thoughts on “Moya App Download SASSA Payments SRD R350 Applications and Status Check May 2024”
    1. Morning to admin I’m Simon who tried a lot to apply for R350 sassa grant.It was saying pending reasons uif registered while I’m not getting uif money.

  1. I was approved from August till November and still no
    Dates I called the toll free number they told me that I will
    Get the money next year. Please help me

    1. Neo Mayaba I want to know bcs I went to the post office they say we must go to Boxer pick ‘an pay I don’t know what must I do

  2. You can not stop to mothers ,it is not fair this children have their own purpose with their money,and we also have our own. This grant is helping a lot as we have no other income. Really good people life is so difficult to us. We staving some days we go to bed hungry. I am a dress maker and I work from hand to mouth. This grant is helping to get the material for now. Please help.

  3. Your comment here…When I check status for my SRD R350 grant April & May do not appear,will I get paid for them even if they are not appearing?How long does it take to be approved after re-applying?

  4. I never get paid since May bcuz I let a foreigner us my account now they think it’s my money and that am working it shows declined until now so now I don’t know what to do even I take my card back it will still shows declined and I get only money for my son that’s all

  5. I Nkosana Michael radebe identity number 8508126535081 tried to apply for srd sassa but didn’t get any approved msg and I don’t earn any funds kindly please due to check out the system and assist with all my cell number is 0633334152 I thank you God bless you all

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