SASSA Card Complete Guide and Application, Balance Enquiry, PIN Tries, Blocked in 2023

SASSA card is an electronic card issued by the social security agency South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) for various categories of grants beneficiaries to access their monthly payments.


It can be used at various pay points and ATMs across the country.
It is partnership with with VISA, an international payment company. It can be used to purchase items at various shops just like any other payment cards like mastercard. All that you need is the 4 digit personal identification number (PIN) to allow cash out at various pay points.

SASSA Card Application

By default, if your social grant application is approved, you are given a SASSA card as a means of payment. Although you may request alternative means of payment such as through banks including the post office, other partnered institutions for which you have to contact Sassa.


In effect, you don’t necessarily apply for sassa card exclusively but it is processed alongside the approval and activation of the grant.

SASSA card Replacement 2023

For whatever reason best known to you, you may request a new card. In that case, contact any nearest SASSA office and report, you will be given a replacement application form to fill and you may have to wait for some time.

Under what conditions will one be required to replace SASSA card?
1. Theft or stolen
2. You suspect someone else has seen your pin, in this case you report for a change of pin code.
3. Card might be dysfunctional or faulty.
4. ATM machines keep rejecting the card as invalid
5. Card expired.

SASSA card swallowed by ATM machine in 2023

For security purposes, if the atm machines suspect of any foul play, it might capture the card or what is sometimes called “swallowed” the card for safety reasons.
It usually happens when the 4 digit pin code is entered more than once or for certain number of times.


It assumes that the holder of the card currently might be a fraudster thereby capturing the card. To collect the card, the owner of the card will have to prove beyond reasonable doubts he or she is the real owner of the card.
You may have to submit photo ID to establish truthfulness of the ownership.

Whenever an atm machine swallows your SASSA card, report to the bank or the payment institution, they will tell you what you need or the process you have to follow to receive the card back.

To avoid such problems, always make sure you remember the pin number of the card. Use simple digits you alone can remember and don’t write it anywhere else and don’t use your date of birth or year of birth as they are easily guessed.

SASSA card PIN Trials Exceeded May 2024

sassa card forgot pin code

Due the fraudulent activities of some unscrupulous people to try to evade the technology system, ATM machines manufacturers have a system in place where the banks can utilize this security system to check on people trying to steal from the machine.

In this case, the machine is programmed in such a way that when the user incorrectly the PINS to exceed a certain number of times, the ATM machine will lock or capture the card. It is out of suspicion that the user is trying foul means by doing try and error just as computer hackers use to break into people’s online system.

When it happens like that, please go to the post office or the nearest SASSA office and report immediately. You may be asked to submit some documents to prove you are the real owner of the card and fill some forms in addition. Then the card will be given back to you and you follow a process to reset the PIN code.

SASSA Card Lost May 2024

Have you lost your SASSA card or you simply cannot find where you left it? Or probably it has been stolen? Some of these situations can happen to anybody.

In case, you find yourself in such a condition, just report to the nearest SASSA office or post office and make an official report. If you suspect that someone who knows the PIN may have stolen it, then you have to immediately make a report at the police station or post to block the card from accessing funds from the account.

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sassa card replacement

SASSA Card Balance Check /Enquiries 2023

You can easily check the balance on your SASSA card using the following shortcodes. The general code for the SASSA card when checking account balance is *120*3210#

Below are the short codes for other banks linked to SASSA card
– ABSA Bank – *120*2272#
– Capitec – *130*7932# or *120*3279#
– Nedbank – *120*001# or *130*001#

SASSA Card ATM Withdrawal May 2024

This guide will help you on how to withdraw your SASSA grants from ATM without much stress. This guide is a generic one for all atm. 1. Insert your SASSA card into the machine
2. You may be asked to enter your PIN (four-digit code)
3. Select the operation/command by selecting withdraw.
4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account. Note that you can only withdraw a maximum of cash equal to the available balance.
5. Wait for the machine to issue the cash and take the card.
6. When entering the pin make sure it is not visible to people standing by.

What if my SASSA card is blocked?

In case your card is blocked, the first thing you should do is to contact the post office or SASSA. In some cases, it is as a result of suspicious activities identified by SASSA or the card may be reported or under investigation.

If you want other questions regarding SASSA card, please feel free to contact us directly or leave a message in the comments section below and we will be more than happy.

Always be on guard as thieves are looking around to steal your card and withdraw your money.


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48 thoughts on “SASSA Card Complete Guide and Application, Balance Enquiry, PIN Tries, Blocked or Stolen May 2024”
  1. My card has been blocked and I cannot get to central post office, I am in a wheelchair. I have been to sassy office Tzaneen, they can’t help me. Please advise how I get my card unblocked.

  2. Good day

    someone break in my house last night and stole my purse, my sassa card and id was in there, how can i block it and when i block it where can i get a new one, will the post office be able to help me when im using my south africa passport

  3. Good day,I last received my child’s support grant February this year ,i went to the post office was told that my card is blocked so they took copies of my Id and card said they are sending it to sassa I should wait for a call so I waited but nothing so I went again they told me to go to sassa offices of which I went and I was told to go back to the post office and they will unblock my card,went back they did the same thing of taking my copies and still nothing it’s been a long time going back and fourth so I don’t know what to do anymore

  4. Hey
    I lost my card was at sassa and post office they said i should phone the toll-free number to block the card I’ve been trying to get through for the past 16hours as today child grant will be paid out so now am going to the post office today for a new card…see that I couldnt block the card yesterday so if the money was withdrawn then what’s going to happen thats my sons only income then what’s going to happen

    1. If the person possessing your card does not know your pin he or she cannot withdraw. But you have to be on them (Sassa or Post Office) to block the old one and make a new one for you. After that you can still have monies paid already transferred to the new one

        1. Post office does not help, they say they will call and never do, go back to post office had to fill papers again and again no call. Now what do you do?

  5. My sassa gold card was swallowed by atm yesterday the 08/08/2021….how do I get it back, and what documents is needed, as I tried calling the sassa help line but since it was Sunday couldn’t get help and today is holiday

  6. My mother passed away last month and she was the one receiving social grant for my kids will I still get it for my kids we tried using her card cause the card is not blocked it just says insufficient amount when we check the balance

  7. Hi last month I was ill so I sent my daughter to withdraw the money from my sassa account she put pin twice incorrectly so when this month I go by self it’s keep saying card reported stolen and I’ve never draw money from last month bcs I was sick and my problem is I even lost my ID document with my bag so can sassa office help me with my ID photo copy to re – set or unlock my card so that I can have money to get a new ID document

    1. Hello my Sasa card is restricted and is being more than a year of up & down to Sasa and post office without help… What can I do to fix this

  8. My sassa card was swallowed at a Nedbank ATM. How can I get a replacement as I am an invalid and cannot stand in the long queues at the Sassa office? Would appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

  9. I havent been receiving my sassa for 2 months now and i know my x went to sassa office committing fraud to get my kids money while they are in my care. What should i do

  10. good day i just cme from the atm to withdaw my unemployed grand before
    i could pres anything the atm swallowed my card wat do i do now please.

  11. Sassa has been declining my application since last year, tried applying again this year. It’s still been declined and it says ” alternative source identified” but I’m not working. What do I do? and how do I apply again?

  12. My sassa card was swallowed by Nedbank ATM on Saturday and it has money on it and I went to post office on monday 25 October 2021 to make a new card but the person who was assisting me in the post office said I must give him pin number to activate the new card ,what I don’t get is when I check for a balance at shoprite it’s R0 which brings me to this question was I scammed at ATM or post office because I know pin code must be a secret and what about the old card is it blocked automatically?

  13. Good day, my sassa card is blocked I can’t get my money, it decline, the reason being I’ve put many times my wrong pin not realizing now even if I put the correct one it still declined

  14. Good day
    My grandmother she’s been trying to unblock her sassa card but the fingerprint decline they sent her at home affairs to activate the fingerprint is fine but at post office to open new card the fingerprint keep on declining

    She’s so stress it’s been 3months nw without getting paid because they cant unblocked the card she was also receiving money for 3 children we dont have food at home we hungryn

  15. I went to sassa to change my child’s sassa card so that it can be transferred to Tyne bank card bt i didn’t get it so i went to the sassa office to report that, they told me to go to the post office with my id and i will get the money there so they didn’t help me.

  16. Hi my Sassa card was swallowed by the bank and I went to post office to do the replacement on the 12th when I check my balance it kept on saying it’s R0 so I was asking that is it possible that I will get money on February

  17. I used my Sassa card at Shoprite Sea Point yesterday and it was OK. Today I wanted to use it at the same store at 11:30 a.m., but it was refused, the assistant told me that it was “blocked” as shown on the screen. How should I do?

      1. Hi my sassa child grant card has been blocked… Wen i go to sassa they sent me back and said i didn’t review my child’s grant and didn’t help me… So how can i review it and wat document is needed

  18. Hallo my card has been stolen my funds have been drawn 2x .i have been to sassa office ‘post office in 3 diffrent towns just to get send away everytime…and so the person that has my card keeps on drawing my money and i get no help no where….
    I am from jankempdorp

    1. I forget my sassa pin card now it blocker if I go to my nearest Post office they say they don’t unblock sassa card if I go to sassa office they said I my go back to my nearest post office so now I’m confused I don’t know wht to do


  20. I made a new card yesterday the guy that assisted me have put in a wrong pin it was not the one i gave him.i went to the atm before going back to the post office it said wrong pin went back again he gsve me a wrong pin and it was not the one i gave him and i have exceeded it like more then 3 time please help change my pin

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