You are currently viewing SASSA Online Application /Registration Child Support Grant and Foster Child Grant.

SASSA Online Application /Registration Child Support Grant and Foster Child Grant.

SASSA has recently launched a new online platform to help some categories of grants recipients to be able to apply for grants online.

Apart from its convenience, it helps SASSA to help manage overcrowding at their various offices across the country.

It has to be noted that, this process is solely online and the applicant must do everything online.

SASSA Online Application forms
SASSA Online Application forms

The following categories of grants can be registered online for the mean time :

  • Older Persons/ Pension Grant
  • Foster Child

The rest of the grants have to be applied manually at the various offices because of the nature of the grant. We hope in time, SASSA will extend the process to the other grants either partial or otherwise.

How To Apply for SASSA Grant Online

  • Visit the website :
  • Click on the Register button.
  • Fill in the electronic form pop-up.
  • The form has the following fields :
    • Citizenship
    • ID type
    • ID Number
    • Title
    • Surname
    • Full Name
    • Email
    • Cell phone number
    • Password (choose a suitable characters that you can always remember)
  • After entering all these data, click on save.
  • Go back to homepage and click on login.
  • Enter the email address and password used to register.
  • To apply for a grant, click on “Apply for a Grant”
  • Select your preferred category of grant you want to apply (Older Persons, Child Support and Foster Child Grant)
  • Fill in all the requirements and upload necessary documents and submit.

Make sure your internet reception is good and use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers.

If after submission you have not heard from them for sometime, you can call them to check your status for you on 0800601011 toll free number.

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  1. George Maphyane

    Pls can you help me pls dololo

  2. Mbuyiselo sydwell

    I am struggling to apply for child support grant online even to fownload an application forms

    1. DFlex

      Do you have good internet reception? Check your internet connection

      1. Lerato

        I’m struggling to uploaded the documents please assist me

      2. Lorraine

        Im also struggling to upload documents. Im half way through the application Ref1622022824634

    2. fezeka

      I fnish wth a pplication wth children grnt bt it say dicline i dn knw why

    3. Busisiwe mathe

      I. Trying to register child support grant online but it doesn’t go through

    4. Catharina Maria

      im strugle too aply online for child suport grant

  3. Portia Phindile

    Hi I’ve send my child to withdraw their money from sassa card they put wrong pin twice and they didn’t told me then I came back home I took the card to withdraw the money I didn’t get it I only got a receipt says the card reported stolen so what must I do bcs I need the money I lost my Bag with my ID document phone and money was inside I don’t even have a copy of my ID PLS help me

    1. Letlhogonolo

      It’s almost 6 year s I m struggling to get back my kids grant ibile first born is 21 nou since they a grant cz of finger print,rustenburg refused to help m cz I have applied at Kuruman nou I have 3 child bcz of their sybilings can’t apply her I m single mother not working plz help

  4. Ikaneng Laka

    Can I receive child support grant for a child who is not staying with u. My little brother’s mother in law received child support grant since 2015 after the death of her daughter, and she does not stay with the child. The child does not even know her. When we request the money she fight with us. Where can I report her?

    1. DFlex

      Please report to the nearest SASSA office or talk to a local social worker

  5. cornelia

    Where can I download this form? SASSA Affidavit for Child Support Grant

    1. DFlex

      Unless you go to the nearest SASSA office, this is an online forms



  7. Precious Dlamini

    I’m struggling to register online for a child support, I don’t even see where to click .please help

  8. Priscilla

    I am struggling to log in it says “error creating user, please retry” everyday I get this error, what can I do to fix this?

    1. DFlex

      Please use a different phone or computer to try

  9. Kholiswa

    1 of March 2021 I apply my child support grant and I receive email its successful at the same day …by 27 of March I receive email again is in progress till now I didn’t receive any message or email its 8month now so what must I do?

    1. DFlex

      The first email was for successful submission not that application approved, contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to check status for you

    2. Erech

      Good morning,hope you are well. Can you please assist me I am struggling to get the correct site or link were I can apply& register online for SASSA child grand. This would be my first time applying. If you can’t help me this way are their perhaps a possibility that you can email me the child grand application documents please to [email protected]. I will Grately Appreciate this Please help me?

  10. Kholiswa

    1 of March 2021 I apply my child support grant and I receive email its successful at the same day …by 27 of March I receive email again is in progress till now I didn’t receive any message or email its 8month now so what must I do?

  11. Hi at16 july I applied my child support grant but I didint receive any massage or emails… What can I do please help

  12. Andile

    Am a swati national and my former wife dumped our then 3 month old daughter on my door step. I took the Child in and she gave me all documentation. Now am married and the said daughter is now 3yrs.recently lost my job how can my wife apply child for my daughter as she is not the biological mother. Thanx

    1. DFlex

      Please visit any nearest SASSA office to apply for Caregiver grants

  13. Simphiwe Hlubi

    Hi I applied for sassa child support grant online waiting for an email but no response so tht I can proceed and send the documents through

    1. DFlex

      Have you checked your spam folder?

  14. nhlanhla magadla

    HI good people what is sassa affidavit when want to apply for a child and where do i get it

    1. DFlex

      From a priest or Councilor. But if the child is your own child with all the necessary documents, then there’s no need for affidavit

  15. zenzo

    I can’t apply online for child support grant,I registered but but when I log in it keep on showing the same thing even if I register so I dn’t know what the problem

    1. DFlex

      Please visit any nearest SASSA office for assistance otherwise you can re-register

  16. lindiwe

    hi I m having a problem with my aunt child ,she ran off with her 6 children sassa card and leave my aunt to struggle with the children now can you please assist us and change everything to my aunt because she is the one who is looking after this children

    1. DFlex

      Please report at any nearest SASSA office or contact a social worker

  17. Lerato

    I can’t find the email that they said they gonna sent it to me so that I can upload the documents please assist me

  18. Lerato

    I’m struggling to uploaded the documents please assist me

  19. Bibi

    I applied for child grant for 2 of my children online. one was successful but the other did not go through. A confirmation form came back for my daughter but had my sons name on it. this is clearly a mistake made by someone from sassa. I went to the sassa offices numerous times and they always off line. i stood for hours and many days and no one helped me. please help me to do my child grant as soon as possible. thank you.

  20. Midah

    Hi.m busy trying to apply child support grant online,I can’t see where I can submit my application

  21. Tumi

    Hi I applied for my son online on the 1st of September this year but when I am tracking the application it always says documents aploading pending and then its says in progress
    Should I keep on waiting?

  22. Tsako

    What does it mean DHA failed

  23. Xolisile

    I can’t upload the affidavit

    1. DFlex

      What problems are you facing?

      1. Vuyo

        Hi I’m struggling to apload documents please help

  24. Maqungo

    Hie i do apply for children support and they said my applications are in progress will receive an email till now nothing

  25. Phumla

    Hi I want to apply for child grant for my son who was staying with my sister and she was the 1 who receiving the grant since he was staying with him but now he staying with me how can I apply grant for him

  26. Vuyo

    Hi everyone, when Im selecting upload documents button it says I’m must fill all the fields or it say I’m must choose payment method which is I choose sassa bank holder be I already have a sassa card. Please help


    ATM retained my sassa card as i inserted the card, the ATM shut down without me even entering my PIN. Now i cant get replacement card anywhere in my suburbs, sapo en sassa offices tell me the chip cards are all finished. So pls tell me how must i get my child grant now? Nobody is being helpful, ive even been to PnP to ask them…. No luck😭

  28. Alex Rinquest

    I am struggling to upload Older Grants documents. The find does not recognise the reference number. Can you assist please

    1. Tryphinah nyaku

      Hi , I have not received my child grant for this month(june)and this is the first time it is happening. Is the something wrong

  29. johanna

    im trying to register but it does not it keep on saying error try again later please help

  30. Elizabeth

    Good day

    I’m unable to upload documents, it’s been 1week now.

  31. Precious Mkhatshwa

    Hi I applied for the sassa child grant support but I can upload my documents . Can you please assist me with that

  32. Nwabisa

    Hello how can I find this sassa child support Grant application form please help me

    1. DFlex

      Did you follow the instructions spelled out in the article…. It is online forms

    1. DFlex

      This is an online application forms, you cannot download it. You can go to the nearest SASSA office for a hard copy of the forms

  33. Sonto

    Hey, I dnt understand what is meant by”sassa affidavit for child support grant”is it a form tht is filled online? Where can I get it cos I’ve come across some other affidavit but not the one for CSG.

  34. Zandile

    My nephew SASSA grant was stop because he turned 18 last year, but he is still at school doing grade 12 this year, can I re- apply for him since I’m his guidan

    1. DFlex

      Child support Grants are age restricted. You cannot reapply for him. It only for people who less than 18 years old

  35. Dimakatso

    I’m trying to register it says error creating user please retry . What is the way forward ???????? I have tried a new phone dololo

  36. Anelisiwe

    Hi I want to apply for grant for my child

  37. Lexonia

    How do I apply for children support grant

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