SASSA Application forms 2021 is an application forms for applying for various SASSA grants.

Grants are in categories depending on the one you want to apply for. Most common grants are the Child Support Grant (CSG), Old Age Pension grants, Disability grants, grants in aid, care Dependency grants and so on…


In order to get this form to complete the application process so that you can be considered for any of the grants, you can reach out to any nearest SASSA office.

SASSA application forms 2021 is a free forms for applicants and should not be sold to anyone and nobody should buy it either.


When you get to the SASSA office, just ask the grants manager and inform him or her for the grants applications forms indicating the category of grant you are applying.

SASSA application forms 2021

There some documentations you need to submit along the application forms.

Note also that, application must be filled in the presence of SASSA official, which simply means that you cannot collect the application forms and fill it in your house.

In a situation where the applicant is not able to go to SASSA office to fill out the application forms, he or she must designate someone trustworthy to fill the form in his or her behalf.


But the applicant must put into writing a letter of recommendation or delegation along with a doctor’s report why the main applicant cannot move to the office.

All documentation necessary must be given to the applicant designate.

However, if you wish you can apply for the SASSA grants online. It must be noted that, not all grants can be applied online. Disability grants for instance, cannot be applied online as the applicant must be medically examined by SASSA medical doctor before approval.

Because of the problems associated with overcrowding at the various SASSA offices, SASSA recently launched a new online application platform for some selected categories of grants applications.

You don’t have to worry about physically being at SASSA office, just a good internet connection and the required documents and upload them online and SASSA will attend to it in time.

A feedback to the application will be sent to the applicants whether approved or declined. Check out the links provided below this article for more information on how to apply for #SASSA grants online.

SASSA SRD Application Forms 2021 Online

SASSA application forms 2021 SRD

The social relief of distress grant (SRD) is another category of grants basically for people who are in distress as a result of natural disaster and others.

But during the global pandemic resulting a economic crisis leaving many people jobless, government introduced a special SRD R350 grants where people people who have lost their source of livelihood can apply and be considered.

It has to be noted that this special SRD grant will be solely done online. You need to submit an online application forms which are exhaustively discussed below.

The grants will rub from August 2021 to March 2022. Find below ways to apply.

If you need any further clarification please contact SASSA on the toll-free number 0800601011.

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