SASSA USSD Code 2021 SRD R350

During the previous SRD R350 Grant Applications, USSD code was first among the application channels applicants could use.

This was a great avenue especially for those who do have access to the internet or smartphone.

With this any ordinary mobile phone set can be used to apply.

But fast forward to this time, SASSA has delayed in releasing the USSD code 2021 application for SRD R350.

Although SASSA promised to make it available and functional by this weekend, we can only hope that they will do exactly by their own words.

SASSA USSD Code 2021

This has given room for others to use certain codes which sassa themselves have warned people not to use as these codes are not official and not configured properly.

The USSD code which was previously used was *134*7737#, but when users dial the code, they are net with no proper response.

This has led to some to rely on strangers online to apply for them exposing to dangers.

We are closely monitoring events from SASSA, anytime they announce the USSD code for the SASSA SRD R350 grant 2021 applications.



    1. There is no date for this August 2021 PAYMENT. If you want to collect your outstanding grants go to any nearest post office for collection. But note the new reinstated SRD R350 Grant payments has not started yet

  1. my application has been approved since AUGUST,but i havent recieve any money on my banking details i used cash send I HAVENT RECEIVED ANY CASH OR SMS STATING WHEN SHOULD I COLLECT THE CASH BACK.

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