Why SASSA SRD R350 Grant Status says “Failed”

A countless number of applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant when checking their statuses see “failed”.

Some even believe that those who used the Moya app are facing this challenge, but further checks indicate that is far from the truth.

Almost all applicants who used the SASSA website and Moya app are facing the same problem.

But one thing is clear SASSA Status Check is not activated on the website which might be the case why most people are not able to check their status.

Indeed all these applicants received a confirmation SMS from SASSA which is a clear indication that applications are active and successfully submitted.

That should give these aggrieved applicants not to worry about the current situation, we are very keen that SASSA is working around the clock to activate the status module.

Look at the image below telling the said applicant that their bank account details is successfully submitted and that application is active.

SMS confirmation for successful application

Applicants must exercise patience and not to be stressed out and feel aggrieved.

Although SASSA promised to start processing first batch of payments in the last week of August 2021.

We are sure by now, more than 9 to 11 million of applicants as more and more people are expected to apply.

What has kept most people not being able to apply has to do with the absence of the USSD code as most people do not own or have access to smartphones and or internet access.

One thing that applicants have to bear in mind is the fact that the module that allows applicants to change or switch payments option is yet to be activated.

So for now, no applicant will be able to change or resubmit bank account after successfully submitting the application.

Let’s all get together and be patient as we wait for SASSA’s platform will be in a full swing.

Most applicants who experienced this situation have had their issues resolved. But if you are still experiencing this, then please contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number to check status for you.



    1. Yes, because thus the same thing in the SASSA official website. Just be patient sassa website is not fully functional for checking status, thus why most people are getting error messages such as failed when checking status

    2. Hi Im so angry right now my 350 was decline. I have not been working for 3 years and this is the second time.I don’t receive any income and that is why I was declined.What must I do ?

    1. Am sad for you. This is what is going on in some Post offices. Corruption. Not you alone experience this. You can report them. Find out which post office branch was the money withdrawn and report.

  1. Im unable to check my srd grant application status using link, website and even on whatsapp they need references number which i didnt get. So what can i do to see my status?

  2. This is honestly ridiculous. They knew they were going to reinstate the grant and should have prepared for it. I have applied two weeks ago and am yet to even provide my banking details. When I check my status on whatsapp there’s an error. When I go to govchat I’m told to add my banking details and when I try there’s an error. I call the lines are congested. Their failure to attend to a problem they should have prepared for since this isn’t their first go at this grant shouldn’t be on applicants to stay patient when they knew that more than a million people in SA will be applying. They should have prepared for this.

  3. Hi i’m not working since last year.My last payment for uif it’s September 2020,but still im not qualify for R350 i don’t know why?

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