In the heat of the argument from SASSA claiming that Moya app is fake and a scam which has turned heads among applicants if the reinstated SRD R350 Grant.

Looking at the current conversation, some of us see it as funny and SASSA showing clear ignorance of the issue at stake.


First of all, Moya app has never never ever claimed to be somewhat officially associated with sassa or represent them.

Moya is a platform for their datafree program where some selected web portals are hooked on their site so that users can access the website at no cost thus no data charges.


In some countries, in the peak of the global pandemic, some telecommunications operators partnered with certain educational websites, so that users can access their content at no data cost.

It is something similar Moya has done. When the SRD R350 Grant was first introduced in May 2020 and through the twice extensions, a good number of applicants applied using Moya app and most of them got approved and paid.

Moya simply becomes a web browser that connects users to SASSA SRD grant servers so that applicants who do not have data can freely apply.

Most of the applicants are usually poor and unemployed and looking at tge cost of internet data, how csn they afford to be checking their status every hour.


The USSD code which was initially used is not functioning as at the time of filing this report. The USSD code which most applicants who do not own a smartphone can use is still not available leaving thousands of people stranded.

We only saw that SASSA post as a disclaimer especially with regard to the consent forms applicants have to agree so that SASSA can use their private data.

SASSA might think that Moya as a medium can intercept the data entered and that may cause data breach.

Other than that I don’t see any legitimate reasons to tag Moya app as fake and scam. Then other browsers such Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini etc are also fake and scam.

People should also stop saying that those who used Moya app to apply needs to apply again.

If you used Moya app to apply, you can still use the website to check your status and whatever you want to do with.

SASSA should come again


By Edna

4 thoughts on “Why Moya App Is Not A Scam For SASSA SRD R350”
  1. I am still waiting for my R350 April and June approved but no payday plz can I get a payday

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