You are currently viewing Moya App For SASSA SRD R350 grant  Reconsideration Appeal Decline Status

Moya App For SASSA SRD R350 grant Reconsideration Appeal Decline Status

SASSA SRD R350 and Moya App Reconsideration – Introduction

One of the apps that has thousands of applicants if the reinstated SRD R350 grant is the Moya app. When you submit your reconsideration application, just be patient with time, SASSA will update you with the outcome of the reconsideration….

With this app users of Android smartphones can manage their SRD R350 grants application and payments seamlessly and at no data cost.

Earlier SASSA tried to use their PR department to downplay the effectiveness and the authenticity of the app by calling it a scam.

Telling applicants who have already submitted their application through the Moya app to apply again otherwise they will not be paid.

Those, who out of curiosity, tried to apply again using the main official website met with the message that their applications are already in the system and active and that no second application from the same ID number is acceptable.

After back and forth, sassa through a response on Twitter shamelessly admitted that all applicants who used Moya app ti apply their website are accepted and that they too will be paid if approved just like all other submitted applications.

This was a sigh of relief to these people who used Moya app to apply.

Now in case you are declined when you check your status then you have to submit appeal application or reconsideration.

How to use the Moya app to Request Reconsideration Appeal for SRD R350 Grant

It has to be taken note that not all declines that requires the use of the reconsideration module. For instance, if an applicant is declined because of “identity verification failed” then the person will have to use the “Full name and Surname Update” section to update personal details.

Apart from the above almost all other declines can be resolved using the reconsideration module.

When you open the Moya app and is fully loaded, scroll down and to where it is asking for reconsideration.

Click on the yellow labeled button with the inscription “click here to apply online or check reconsideration” under the subheadings “Application for reconsideration”

When the reconsideration page is open and fully loaded enter your ID number and the phone number used to submit the application and click on the “send pin” button.

You will receive a Pin code on the phone number and just enter the code in the provided space provided.

Now choose the expression that matches your reason for the decline. For example, if you are declined for “alternative income source Identified” , then choose ‘no alternative income source’. Similarly, if you are declined for “UIF registered” then choose “not uif registered”.

After that submit, it might take a while for SASSA to review the reconsideration application, and when done you can check your status and if approved then you can get paid.

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  1. fikile vuyisile

    i applyed srd 350 when i check status it says decline reason:altanate source of income,but i don’t get any income biside my child grant.

    1. DFlex

      Please apply for reconsideration

  2. Lesego

    I don’t get UIF so why does it say I’m UIF registered

    1. DFlex

      Submit reconsideration application appeal

    1. Nurse Learn Legobate

      Hi… i don’t have source of income my you help me with sassa grand for srd R350 since from last year, ( I’m not working, no business, I’m getting nothing from no one ) please help.

  3. Sekgobela Herman tasishi

    I don’t get UIf so it is day UIF registered . From last year I never get get covit 19 grant . Please help me to all payment from last year till now

    1. DFlex

      Please submit your reconsideration

      1. Rudzani Ramaano

        Good day

        The money that entered into my account was from my brother that I have to pay for his society at home. I don’t have any source of income at all since may 2020.

        1. Vuyani olifant

          It is still showing uif registerd and i have submitted reconsideration from last year,still declining.

  4. Johanna

    Hi help me uif registered for the grant

  5. Puleng

    My application is declined because of the uif I’m not getting

  6. Jonas

    Hi my sassa 350 grant was declined because of the UIF I don’t receive.

  7. Nomsa

    Hi my Sasa declined I don’t know for what because I’m not working but it says I’m recieved other income but is not for me and I’m nolonger work since later but I’m suprises there are people who r working but approved

  8. I m Robert Thembinkosi Tshabalala I be applied for srd R350 grant and it was declined Sayiing uif and I am not waiting for UIF I since reaceaved UIF payout once February 2021 as from that time I did not work or getting any income from other sources so I wish to appeal the decision that was taken From Robert Thembinkosi Tshabalala ID 6701155394080

  9. Vivian

    My application has been decline reason uif registered so i did reconsideration n I choose the wrong reason identity verify so i want to know how can i fixed this issue

  10. Herman

    I lost my job early these year, January. I didn’t qualify for uif benefit ,I applied for srd grants it also failed the reason is uif registered

  11. Clement Mmushi

    What about Persal Number cause our contract end between 2011 and 2012 at Public Works.Does it works for someone else ,contract end long time ago.

  12. Steven Mothwa

    Good Morning
    My ame is Steven Mothwa, i experience the challenge of being declined for SASSA
    R350 grant due to “UIF Registered” as the reason. No alternative income except my childs grant, this is so stressfull because it keeps on declining on the same reason every month

    1. Buhle

      Am not working but they said am registered in uif

  13. Sakhile

    I’m not working but sassa said I’m registed in uif

  14. Matshidiso Winnie Mphapang

    My name is matshidiso Winnie Mphapang sassa decline me because of uif and I’m not working I’m not getting uif

  15. Gladys Simphiwe Simelane

    Hi I’m Gladys Simelane my Srd grant was declined because it says I’m uif registered. I haven’t worked in My entire life, I’m a graduated student from college it was sponsored by big companies not from government and went to Labour to fix the issue they said there was fraud that was happening at the college I was attending so it basically them who registered us as employees while we were students so Labour department has taken steps of that matter but haven’t deregistered yet so I need the srd grand, ain’t getting money apart from child grand support and I’m unemployed.

    1. DFlex

      Please submit reconsideration application

  16. Riaana Fouche

    They say I was declined because I have an income. I have been unemployed for 4 years. My bank account is frozen

    1. DFlex

      Submit reconsideration for

  17. Stacey

    Hi ive applied on moya September approve pay date 1St october but ive recieved nothing also approve for October now i go online to check srd status it show failed wat can i do

  18. Sonny Esther Moeketsi

    I would like to Dispute course the amount from g
    GEPF is less than 3000

  19. Buhle

    Am not working but they said am registered in uif

  20. Nicoline

    if i claim uif this monthi can get sasaa grant? or not

    1. Keamogetswe

      I’m not working bt they said I registered in uif ,still appeal

  21. Im not working but my application is declining for four months now reason of source of income of which i only gt child Grant support only.

  22. Mathiba Maitisa

    When I checked my status it says debtor I went to sassa offices and they explained why and they told me to pay money I owed and I did but still my status still says debtor and I can’t receive my grant pls help


    they keep on decline but am not working they keep on telling me i must go claim my money from uif i just to go the but they told me i wont get my money dont know what to do co i real need this money

  24. Palesa mokadi

    Hi.i did that for four months but nothing still pending even now..the only money I get it’s child’s grants please help me aprove I.D 9405240174088

    1. Mihle Mabetshe

      I applied for reconsideration on February I’ve been declined from November last year but I haven’t been approved yet

  25. Sinovuyo Sigaji

    Hello I had never worked before but my status came back as I’m uif beneficiary so I really need this money.

  26. Nonhlanhla

    Hi my sassa dicline because I changed the sassa card to easy pay and I want to change my number I lost the other number that I applied with before so that’s why I can’t go to reconsidering what must I do?

  27. Nonhlanhla

    Hi my sassa dicline because I changed the sassa card to easy pay and I want to change my number I lost the other number that I applied with before so that’s why I can’t go to reconsidering what must I do?

  28. Kabai Itumeleng

    I was a student at FET i received Nsfas till year 2020. So sassa relief declined me saying i have nsfas so could u please look into this as i have no income, not nsfas n nothing

  29. keanon

    My name is keanon Gonyana im 19 years of age disable sassa stopped my social grand my parents are old and struggeling to apply for me again my neighbour in the street is helping me to get the srd grand please help me , to get this money thank u

    1. DFlex

      Disability grants are renewable…. Please visit SASSA offices to renew your grant

  30. Pulane Sesing

    Hey my February and March R350 got declined because of UIF and I haven’t get any UIF money as am not I did an appeal.when am I going to get approved?

  31. Jabulile

    It has been declining me all the time and I don’t have any income and I don’t receive any UIF

  32. Sinenhlanhla

    Hi ngicela ukubuza i status sani Sama appear

  33. Babalwa

    I applied for srd my application declined reason decline is I’m registered for government of which I’m unemployed over 5 years now

  34. Thebe Enny Kelemogile

    Since from last year August I haven’t been able to get my R350 due to been registered under UIF of what I don’t know because since 2017 after my matric I haven’t been to work at all or even get a job, please help me out this issue is stressing me

    1. DFlex

      Possibly, someone elsewhere has used your ID number for something you are not aware of. Check from uif department of Labour for further details

  35. Fikile Mkabe

    I’m declined because of says I have income want to know to apply for reconsideration cos say has cut off has expired when to apply for reconsideration

  36. I’m decline bcs of source of income identify I want to apply for reconsideration I’m a caregiver who receive sassa grant

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