Declined to Pending – Have you checked your status srd R350?

For those who are not aware yet, especially those who have been declined for various reasons including : alternative income source Identified, nsfas registered, uif registered, identity verification failed, etc.

Just tonight, sassa has started reversing those “crap” status generated by the their computer system without any factor.

Applicants affected could not believe how come people who have been unemployed fir than five years are said to be uif registered, or having alternative income sources…

We are quite sure SASSA heard the public outcry and saw the need to reverse all those decisions and rerun the verification process once again.

This will save them from encountering more reconsideration application appeal making the work more challenging for them later.

We are much sure that this time SASSA will do a thorough review iver the submitted applications before coming out with any decision.

They also have to improve on their system algorithm to be more efficient to reduce this unnecessary stress meted out to applicants.

It is clear SASSA cannot process over eleven million (11,000,000) applications within this short period without the use of a computer system.

So what you need to do is to first check your status, if it’s changed from declined to pending then there is no need to apply for reconsideration.

You can use the Moya app or the website to check status for the SASSA SRD R350 grant application. The instructions and steps are given below

Tell a friend to tell a friend and spread the message so that all those friends and loved ones who were earlier declined with reasons to recheck their status.

Changes have come and changes are coming.

If you check your status and still get decline status, then please go and apply for a reconsideration program and.

Click here to apply for reconsideration if you are declined for UIF registered.

Click here to apply reconsideration if you are declined alternative income source Identified

Click here to update your identity verification


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