Breaking News : Reconsideration Now Working ~SASSA SRD R350 Grant Decline

It is good news coming from the quarters of sassa as the reconsideration module is now fully activated and running smoothly.

SASSA SRD R350 grant applicants who were earlier declined with reasons such as UIF registered, nsfas registered, alternative income source Identified, debtor, identity verification failed, etc were struggling to make an appeal through reconsideration. But whenever they tried, they were met with failed error message.

Just this evening some applicants once again tried and was working smoothly.

Almost all applicants who were declined have shown their disappointment in the way SASSA us handling this issue and we were sure that this thing can be an obvious system error, as there was no sense in the outcome those applications.

Mind you this thing is done primarily by a computer algorithm which can make mistake due to the set of instructions (syntaxes) provided by the backend developer.

After the public outcry over the mass decline resulting in depression among affected applicants, SASSA seems to have even overturned some of the reasons changing from decline to pending. May be they want to reverify the applications again.

Although a good number of SRD R350 grants applicants have been approved and paid and Payments are currently ongoing, yet a large number is locked behind the bar as declined applicants.

It is out hope that SASSA will individually verify all applications and see to it that those who deserve this grants are approved and paid accordingly.

Meanwhile, the ability to update or switch payments option will also be reactivated so that applicants who wish to switch yo banks are given the opportunity to do so.

Bank account payments are more convenient and easy and it helps the applicant not to form a long queues at the Post office sometimes standing in the sun for hours and even in worse cases, they tell you there is no money.

Click here to check out the SRD R350 Grant Application Status Online Balance


  1. Good morning,my srd was declined with uif registered reason since august,i then went to check at labour as im not working,immediately when we were done with the clerk at the labour she told me all is well i can go and apply for srd but im still get declined with the same reason and reconsideration is forever pending.
    Asking for clarity.


    1. Just be patient, sassa is very slow when it comes to reconsideration. Just make sure you apply for reconsideration fir each month that you are declined

    2. My name is Gabisile Msibi my srd was declined last year October they said I got alternative but I don’t know which alternative because I m not receiving anything please help me to get that R350 payment

    1. Good day my name is Matshediso Elsie Mochichane my application was long time approved.the problem is I want to change cell phone number so that I can select where I can get money, but I’m struggling to do that with email I sent and request assistance to that is now closed to a year please help.

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