UPDATE TO THIS STORY: At the time of updating this story that was the current issue, but now everything is working fine and people can apply for reconsideration or appeal and same as switch between bank accounts and post office as payment options any day. Sassa made the announcement on their Facebook page.

SASSA SRD R350 applicants who have tried all means to switch from the Post office to their preferred bank account are facing challenges with the Sassa website.


And even those who have been declined for various reasons would wish to appeal or submit a reconsideration application but that one too is not working.

Bank Account Details Switch

Recently, Sassa announced that they have opened a window period where applicants who wish to switch from the Post Office to their personal bank account or e-wallet should do so from the 3rd of September to 10 September 2021.


But the feedback we are getting indicates that anytime they try to submit their ID number to receive the unique link to update payment options, they receive a failed message.

We are very sure SASSA is aware and may extend the duration when the platform is finally restored.

Reconsideration for declined applicants

After a mass decline of SRD R350 grants applicants for various reasons including UIF registered, alternative income source Identified, identify verification failed, Debtor etc, applicants would want to make an appeal by submitting reconsideration.

But from all the responses coming from these affected applicants, they are receiving failed messages whenever they tried to submit reconsideration applications.


Since most of the decline happened over the weekend, we hope and believe that at the beginning of the week SASSA will work on it to have it resolved.

Since the verification process is programmatically done, it might be a system error that leads to mass decline. Most of the affected applicants have expressed worry over this decision taken by SASSA. Most of them claim they are truly unemployed and have no other source of income.

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: Currently, the module to switch payment options is working perfectly, just that it may take time for your bank account details to be verified.


By Edna

9 thoughts on “Reconsideration and Bank Account Switch for SRD R350 SASSA Are Currently Not Functioning May 2024”
  1. I am a approved applicant. I changed my paying method from non selected to betworth Park. Will I receive my approved grand from October and November and the grands that will come. I didn’t receive ay sms yet after approval of te gand

  2. you know this is what makes me befuck why must we have pending since last year ha this wouldnt have happen if u fcken monkeys just provided work for us but now we must fucken wait till use wna pay us the 350

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