SASSA SRD R350 grant application status check can be done using the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant in 2023.

Payment dates are set out on the status dashboard when checking, it shows when exactly the payout date is. For those using bank account as a collection point, the payment date will be same as that shown ob the dashboard.


It has to be acknowledged that, SASSA does not have specific payment dates for SRD R350 Grant, but it is according to individual’s status. But per our overall observation, payments usually starts from the second week of the month. Once more, all applicants go through review or assessment process for each month so there is no automatic approval.

Your bank account will be credited on the same date and such application should expect a notification from their bankers if only they registered for mobile banking services from their respective banks.


In the case of those who chose to collect their grants from the Post Office, or The Boxer, P& P shops or even now Shoprite, just take your ID card or temporary ID Card together with your phone number and visit the shop. Apart from the Post Office, all other payout points requires that an OTP code generated to verify if indeed you are owner of the account.

After ID verification your cash is handed over to you. You can also use it buy items from the shop. This new payment points, newly added like Shoprite is to help reduce congestion at the various Post offices across the country.

For those that are approved long time without pay dates, should either contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number or have to further wait. It is just unfortunate that a good number of SRD applicants have been approved without pay dates and SASSA seems not to take any serious interest in helping these affected applicants.

What is even more worrying is about those who already been declined for whatever reason and have since submitted reconsideration application or appeal but since August 2021 nothing has been done yet.


SASSA should treat this as a matter of greater importance as these people are struggling to make ends meet.

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