Many applicants have expressed their disappointment when it comes to the reconsideration applications submitted over the months in 2023.

Their appeal applications are still pending when they check the status, and are now wondering why.


Have you recently checked your reconsideration status and what what was the status approved, decline or still pending.

Reconsideration For SASSA SRD R350 grant declined status is currently not moving at all and applicants are worried about the issue and are now calling on SASSA to reconsider and help them.


The reconsideration or appeal module was added to the application process for those who are declined for whatever reason to apply for reconsideration.

In this case, such application will go through a series of verification to see if the initial decision was made out of error and corrected, however if the the initial decision is correct then the current status is maintained.

According to SASSA, one application can be submitted for every decline once and if the individual is still not satisfied, he or she should take a legal action rather than submitting a second reconsideration.

Make sure every month that you are declined, you submit a reconsideration for that month and all other months that you are declined.


From the date the decline is given, the applicant has up to 30 days to appeal or apply for reconsideration. Failure to meet this deadline indicates you have forfeited your chance of getting your status appealed.

From checks, April, May and June 2022 Appeals Approvals And are ongoing and applicants can check their appeals status using the link


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6 thoughts on “What is your current status fid SRD R350 Reconsideration Or Appeal Application June 2024”
  1. Hi! Sir or ma’am. Please help me for my R350 I can’t get it. I’m not working, I’m not getting UIF please help

  2. Good day my application declined reason uif registered. I last collected uif in January 2021 and I am still unemployed. Please assist urgently

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