SRD R350 Applicants Disappointed Over Delay in Reconsideration Outcome

Some applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant whose applications were declined and applied for reconsideration or appeal have expressed their worries over the undue delay for the outcome of their reconsideration applications.

They are virtually not in touch with SASSA why for more than four months since they submitted their appeal application, they are yet to receive any response from SASSA.

Some have taken yo social media networks such as Facebook to express their worries over this issue which they think SASSA is unconcerned. Below are some of their fears and worries :

Still pending since August I haven’t get any money

A Facebook user

Still pending from August to November but they pay December,January and February.and am confused why those four months are still pending while they pay other month

Another Facebook user

Still pending since last year August until now😭😭

A worried Facebook user

I stil waiting for des,janu, feb paydates but is all aproved

Facebook user

Declined since August till now dnt now why but i never worked in my life.

Facebook user

According to them, there is no transparency in the way SASSA is reviewing their appeal applications because the reasons for their decline are unfounded and baseless.

Top among the reasons for the decline is the uif registered status, which according to some of them, they have contacted thre department of Labour regarding their uif but there are told they do not qualify to receive uif.

One other thing that makes them feel bad is the fact that whenever they try to contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number, it is almost impossible to get through and even if you are fortunate to have your call go through, the response seems robotic without any proper explanation or action plan to have your issue resolved.

It can be seen in the comments shared above that, the applicants have encountered this problem since August 2021 when the SRD R350 was reinstated.

It makes them wonder what at all is SASSA checking that can delay their process for quite a long time getting to almost six months.

On 28th January 2022, SASSA in a Facebook post acknowledged the fact that reconsideration applications are delayed and that applicants should exercise patience because the issue is beyond them. According to the statement, the banks are a third party who have been delaying their request for bank statements from applicants for the means testing process to ascertain if applicants have other source of income or not.

Find below the Facebook Post :

SASSA Facebook Post

Click on the link below to check your SRD R350 GRANTS Reconsideration Status

SASSA SRD R350 Reconsideration Status Check


    1. Good today just one to say I’m still waiting on my sassa money grants for Aughust, September, October, November and December months sassa grants payments outstanding

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