What Documents Needed To Apply for SASSA Pension?


Are you preparing to apply for sassa old Age grant but do not know what documents that will be required for submission in order for your application to be considered?

In the previous article, we discussed “Who Qualifies To Apply for SASSA Old Age Grant“. In this case, we we are discussing what documents or documentation that have to be submitted alongside the application form.

These documents serve as proof to ascertain the authenticity of some of the information provided by the applicant.

Documents Needed For Old Age Grant Application

The number one document which is more important is the applicant’s ID book or if a refugee, you need to show if indeed you refugee currently residing in South Africa.

  • South Africa 13-digit ID document or Certificate to indicate refugee status.
  • But incase, you do not have the ID, you can the following :
    • Applicant must complete a SASSA standard format affidavit Commissioner of Oaths’ presence but not a SASSA official.
    • Applicant must submit a sworn statement signed by a Councilor, traditional leader, school principal, minister of religion, social worker etc who can testify the applicant’s name and age.
    • Applicant’s fingerprints will be taken by SASSA official and be referred to the Home Affairs Department for ID application as the application is being processed. It has to be noted that, until the ID number is ready, the application will be suspended indefinitely.
  • Marriage certificate in case the applicant is married.
  • Applicant’s proof of residence
  • Applicant’s proof of income and or assets or dividends if any.
  • Applicant’s proof of private pension if any
  • If employed before, the applicant must submit Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) membership book or discharge certificate from previous employer.
  • If the applicant’s spouse is dead for the last five years, submit the will, first and final liquidation or distribution accounts if applicable.
  • If the applicant is too old or sick to travel to apply, a family member can be sent on his or her behalf but must come along with a letter signed by the applicant and a letter from a medical doctor indicating why the applicant cannot travel.

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