How To Stop Unsolicited or Unauthorized Funeral Policy Deductions From SASSA Grants

Introduction : How To Stop Unauthorized Funeral Policy Deductions

Thousands of people who are beneficiaries of the social grants most especially those in the category of Old Age Pension Grants have complained over the past years of some fraudulent deductions on their social grants.

These so-called insurance companies have found their ways onto the social grants of some of these beneficiaries.

SASSA, according to a post shared on Facebook indicated, that the time has come to these unscrupulous companies under the guise of funeral policy or other forms of insurance.

According to some affected people, some of those companies are not even known to them and they wonder why their personal details found their way into their databases.

SASSA has therefore called all affected people to issue an official complaint to the agency and they will investigate further and if possible delete these policies from beneficiaries social grants.

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Guidelines To Stop Unauthorized Deductions from SASSA Grants

  • Get the following information
    • Dispute
    • Full Names
    • Insurance Company Name
    • Policy Duration
    • Reason for Cancelation
  • When these items are ready, forward (SMS) it to the short code : 34548
  • If it happens that you do not even know the name of the insurance company, you can always contact SASSA by phone on 0800601011 toll free number.
  • Grants Recipients are also advised to be very cautious when some of these funeral policy companies visits them in their respective homes, because the applicant might not know full details of the policy they are signing up.
  • Whenever you see any other suspicious deductions on your social grants pay slip, you have to immediately lodge a complaint so that it can be nipped in the bud.
  • You can make reference to the image below.
Stop Unauthorized Funeral Policy Deductions for Social grants recipients

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