Although most of the sassa beneficiaries wished they are paid using the old payment schedule, sassa decided to adjust the payment plan. Therefore here you have the SASSA Payment Dates for November 2021 in a tabular form.

Please be reminded that this is an official payment schedule and fully verified before putting it on this website as credibility and accuracy are our hallmark.


SASSA Payment Dates for November 2021

Please find below the sassa November 2021 payment dates and know when you will get paid for each category of sassa grants namely Old age or pension, disability or child support grants etc.

MonthOld Age Disability GrantChild Support Grant
August 20213rd4th5th
September 20213rd6th7th
October 20215th6th7th
November 20213rd4th5th
December 20211st2nd3rd
January 20224th5th6th
February 20223rd4th7th
March 20213rd4th7th
SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Dates For February 2022

SASSA Payment Dates for November 2021

As has been the practice those child support grants that are linked to the disability or old age pension grants will be paid in the same day. SASSA has also advised that it is compulsory to withdraw the grants the same day of payment , you have up to 3 months to withdraw or use the grants. This will help reduce the overcrowding that usually witnessed at the various sassa pay points on the first day of payments.

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It has to be noted that, srd R350 Grant grant payments dates are not paid during the payment of the normal SASSA grants payments.

For a complete payment dates for SRD click on this SRD R350 grants payments dates




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  1. This is so dessapointing,, my Grant support payment was,, automatically stopped reaching my account,, with some strange Sassa reasons,, saying that I applied for UIF,,, since last year,, what must I do,,, so confused,,

  2. 3months approved with pay date ,but there is no money what is happening we are hungry,at sassa card what must I do now pls help

  3. 3 months approved with no payments 💔buh kids whom depend on their parents got the money and they are busy buying alcohol whilst we are hungry

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