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What Documents Do You Need To Apply for SASSA Child Support Grant


The South African Social Security Agency usually called SASSA is one of the agency in the country under the Department of Social Development responsible for the administration of grants to less endowed or privileged citizens or foreigners.

Among the grants and most patronized is the Child Support Grant or CSG for short. Most South African children living today have one way or the other enjoyed this grant.

Who Qualifies For Child Support Grant

It should be reminded that the grant is for needy children or parents or guardians who are caregivers of the child.

The one applying must meet the requirements:

  • Must be the primary care giver for instance mother, grandparents or at least of children 16 years heading a household. In case the applicant is not the mother or parent, he or she must provide a proof that he is the primary care giver using any of the following means :
    1. Affidavit from a police official
    2. Social worker’s report
    3. Affidavit from the child’s biological parent or a
    4. Formal letter from the principal of the school the child attends.
  • Must be a citizen of South Africa or a permanent resident.
  • Should earn not more than R52, 800 per year if the applicant is single.
  • Should earn not more than R105, 600 per year of combined income if married.

The Child on the other side should meet the following requirements to qualify for the grant :

  • Child must be less than 18 years of age at the time of the application
  • Must be cared for in any state institution.
  • Must live with the primary care giver who is not in any way paid for taking care of the child.
  • Both the child and mother or the primary care giver must be resident in South Africa.

How much Is The Child Support Grant This Year?

Currently, the child support grant is R460 which is equivalent to US$ 32.20 per month. It might not be enough but this is to cater for the basic needs for the child.

Documents Needed To Apply For Child Support Grant

Documents Needed To Apply For SASSA Child Support Grant

The following documents must be submitted or provided before the CSG can be processed :

  • Official 13-digit bar coded South African ID document and the birth certificate of the child. If none of the above documents are not available, namely ID of the parent or the child’s birth certificate, bring the following :
    1. the applicant must complete an affidavit in SASSA standard format in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths who is not a SASSA Official.
    2. A sworn statement by well respected public leader or reputable person including : Councilor, traditional leader, social worker or minister of religion who personally knows the applicant and the child.
    3. Proof that the applicant has applied for an ID and or birth certificate at the Home Affairs Department.
    4. A temporary ID issued by Home Affairs Department.
    5. Baptismal Certificate if available
    6. “Road To Health” clinic card if available
    7. School report if available
  • Proof of child maintenance if any
  • Proof of applicant’s income.
  • Marriage certificate if married or applicable.
  • If divorced, proof of court order indicating custody of the child.
  • If both or one of the parents is dead or missing, there must be death certificate or missing person report from the police.

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