Our sources close to SASSA indicates the following as far as April May 2022 SRD R350 application status and payments are concerned.

  1. Application or Reapplication started on 23rd April 2022 and also January 2023.
  2. All applicants have to submit their applications confirm existing applications if already in the system.
  3. There are new application requirements and questions which applicants have to provide or answer
    1. Examples are: parent’s ID numbers if applicable, spouse ID number, any external financial support, minimum threshold is now R350
  4. SASSA now wants to be sure the applicant does not have any member of his family especially parents or spouses who is employed or not.
  5. When the submitting the application, and you receive “Failed” although all relevant fields are filled, then continue trying as that may be system error or congestion.
  6. Applicants are advised to submit their bank account details upfront or choose which of the stores they intend to collect their grants from in case approved such as P & P shops, Boxer Stores, Shoprite shops etc
  7. Approvals are likely to begin Next Week 16th May 2022 as they finalize their system.
  8. Every month applicants will be reviewed before consideration. There is no automatic approval.
  9. Reconsideration is still ongoing despite the delays and those who have submitted reconsideration should be patient.
  10. SASSA cautions the public to be wary of fake news and fraudsters.
  11. Applicants should not give their personal bank account or personal information to anyone they do not know whether offline or online.
  12. When declined, reason for the decline sill be made known so that applicants can lodge a complaint against the decision to have their application reconsidered.
  13. All applicants who have been collecting their grants from the Post Office are requested to choose a merchant such as Shoprite, Boxer stores, USave etc for payments.
  14. Post Office no longer paying grants even the regular SASSA grants such as Old Age Pension Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant Payment etc.
  15. SASSA budget is to be read today 13th May 2022 and after which all other SRD R350 grants will start approving and in 2023

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