It can currently be seen that April 2022 module is neither pending nor approved or even declined. When you check your status using the website dashboard, it is clear April is missing.

Although, we are in now in second week of the month of April, some have begun to wonder what us actually happening to this SRD R350 grants that saw a further extension after public outcry.


Even those who tried to submit new applications are denied.

Now some applicants don’t know if the grant has come to end or not.


Several reports although unofficial, indicate that, SASSA is making arrangements and preparing reports for the just ended financial year for 2021/2022 and open the new financial year 2022/2023.

Thus seems to be the major reasons why there is a delay and has urged applicants to calm down and wait and in appropriate times, the issue will be resolved.

When SASSA finally check out applicants and find out that they are qualified, they will be approved and pay dates assigned accordingly.

In due time, we believe SASSA will officially communicate with the parties involved including applicants when their budgetary allocation is approved.


By estimate, April 2022 payment will in last week of April or may be pushed to May 2022.

To check payment dates, just roll over to the official SRD R350 application website and enter the 13 digit ID number and the phone number used to submit the application and click on the submit button.

Choose the month you wish to check its status and payment date. If you are using Post Office as payment option, you have to wait at least 3 days after the date being shown on the status dashboard, however if you are using the bank, then payment is likely to start on the same dates being shown.

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By Edna

10 thoughts on “April 2022 SRD R350 Status Check For Payment Dates”
  1. Good day. My son qualifies in each and every way for the R350 grant payments. His applications are declined as from September 2021 to date. There is absolutely no reason to decline. During the first cycle he had the same issue. After several emails I was eventually blocked on the appeals email address.
    Please help

    1. What happened to Our money this month we already aware that ther is a income from sassa than nothing show even April ke I Have last month what happened on this month. Can someone update us when sassa office have a problem so that we can now so far come on guys we feed our children with 350 so make it happen please

  2. All 3 months still shows pending since I reapplied from the month of April, why?and on wats up they can’t find any reference number of my application? ???

  3. My application status says Approved but no pay date, it’s been 2 weeks now and the month of june is ending. Must I wait or just forget about the money??

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