SASSA has encouraged applicants of the SRD R350 grants to submit along their preferred personal banking information when applying for grant.

Unlike the previous SRD R350, where applicants had to be approved before submitting the banking information.


This has become even more necessary because of Social distance due to the global pandemic.

SASSA said, per their observation, since there is more people going to apply for the expanded reinstated SRD R350, the queue witnessed over the months at the various Post offices will massive and worrisome.


This time unemployed mothers and caregivers are given the opportunity to also apply, the number of applicants will be more.

Due to this, SASSA has encouraged applicants to have their own bank accounts so that they can be paid through the banks to help reduce congestion at the various Post office and other pay points.

Open Bank Account Online

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So if you have not applied or even applied but you wish to switch or submit bank account data, you can contact banks like Capitec Bank, Standard Bank or Tyme Bank to create a new bank account for you.


Watch the video below for insight

SASSA says banks payment are the most effective and stress-free channel of payment, they have asked all applicants to submit their bank account details after application submission.

Note that you cannot use someone else’s bank account for SRD R350 Grant Application payments.


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