Since the president announced the reinstatement of the SASSA r350 grant, millions of applicants have submitted their applications.

Somewhere in 25th August 2021, SASSA started payments and has continued till day.


One thing SASSA has encouraged applicants to do is submit their bank account details upfront when submitting the application.

This helps in issuing payments and convenience for both SASSA and the applicant.


All the earlier payments were first issued to bank account holders because they could easily be verified.

As such, applicants can have bank accounts created online at these banks like Capitec Bank or Tyme Bank.

The procedure to create a new bank account for SRD R350 Grant at these above mentioned banks are discussed extensively in the links below

If the applicant fails to submit the bank account upfront during the application, then the default payment method becomes the post office.


For Post Office weekly payments which the payments are made using applicant’s last three digits of ID can be accessed in the links below:

But if the applicant wishes to submit or switch from the Post Office to his or her personal bank account then SASSA usually opens a window period where applicants have the opportunity to update their bank account details so that the subsequent payments will pass through.

To change or switch to one’s own bank account follow these procedures highlighted below. It has to be noted, the phone the will be used to receive the SMS must be a smart phone in order to click on the submitted link for bank details input.

  • Click on the link here (thus the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant Application).
  • Scroll down to the section where there is label written as “How do I change my banking details“.
  • At that section, sassa has outlined all things that must be considered when one wants to change banking details including Cash Send or Ewallet.
  • One key aspect is the applicant to make sure that the the bank account bears the applicant’s official name as that will help in the bank account verification stage.

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