You are currently viewing Cash Send or Ewallet Account Users SRD R350 Grant Payments Updates

Cash Send or Ewallet Account Users SRD R350 Grant Payments Updates

Ever since the reinstatement of the SASSA SRD R350 grant, most applicants who use their own bank accounts and post office as payment options are paid, but one group of applicants who opted for cash send have since not been paid.

What has accounted for this was revealed by SASSA during an interview yesterday.

According to the SASSA representative, they are in talks with the partner banks which he believes will be finalized possibly next week, so that payments can be made afterwards.

If applicants will recall, last year something similar happened where ewallet users were directed to the post office for collection.

So if you have been approved with pay dates and expecting to receive your grants at cash send will have to wait or switch to a new payment like the post office or personal bank account.

It is just unfortunate that SASSA could not negotiate with the partner banks beforehand and waited till this last minute to start negotiating.

SASSA should be up and doing because applicants are going through a lot of difficulties accessing this grant.

In case you want to switch to your preferred bank account the following articles will be of greater value :

Payments are currently ongoing at various banks and post offices across the country although some are still approved without pay dates.

Meanwhile, some applicants are declined for various reasons which others consider as not necessarily true especially those with ‘alternative income source Identified’.

Latest Update: SASSA has asked Cash Send or Ewallet users to submit their bank account details for paymen

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  1. Michael Dladla

    Aply for R350

    1. Sindisiwe

      I have been approved for August and September but I went to collect my money in the post office but they said the money is not in how possible is that

  2. Andiswa

    I’ve been approved but no pay date what does this mean though

    1. Hendrina petronella

      I have been approved for November and December.
      When do I get a SMS to say that I can fetch the money?

    1. DFlex

      For Cash send users, you may have to wait as SASSA is yet to finalize with the partner banks

    2. Sigwili

      I have been approved since October 2021 and I selected cash send FNB but still haven’t received an sms to collect, please help

  3. Kebadihang Gloria

    My Sassa r350 say’s declined and pending

  4. Johannes

    I lost my job in 2019 February and yet declined due to uif which lasted 2019 how is this system working can’t they do something about it

  5. Yonela

    I lost my number that I use to register help me how can I change it

  6. Faith

    As we haven’t received payment from August does this mean we will receive double payment specifically R700?


    Status says approved since August. But no payment I have got. I did choose ABSA cash send. Now I want to find out what to do to get it.

    1. DFlex

      Cash send payments have not been paid yet


    I have ben approve for AUGUST and SEPTEMBER but i havent received payment in my bank account.

  9. Boitumelo

    I applied on September and it says pending even now what does this mean bakithi.?

  10. I went to collect my payment at the post office and they said I’m not I the system but my application tells me that it’s approved since September

    1. DFlex

      Approved with pay dates or without pay dates?

  11. Asanda Saba

    I chose cash send absa and when I check the status it says approved but there’s no payment so far ,do I have to worry?or you are still busy with our payments

    1. R.A Zeegers

      My husband also are approved with dates also at Absa cash send but no money or sms is coming what should we do

  12. carol

    My aunt applied via cash send ABSA but she still hasn’t received anything via cash send

    1. Frank

      I have been approved for the following pay dates13 September and 21 October, I registered using FNB cash send and there’s nothing on my number do I go to the FNB doors?

      1. DFlex

        Please you better submit bank account or check post office for collection

  13. Sindisiwe

    Whe I check my status in Moya I have been approved for August and September and I went to collect my payment at post office but they said the money wasn’t in and how is that possible yet some of friends got their 350 in August and September but mina dololo

    1. Jes

      Send from cash send to my own banking details but still no paydate I send my banking details 13 September 2021

  14. Sibusiso Ndlovu

    Approved with no Pay dates

    1. Nwabisa

      Approved with no playdate December money need playdate

  15. T

    How does this cash send work for my date is today 21 October but I have received no sms confirming the payment yet

    1. Phillip

      April still pernding why

  16. Tebogo mokoena

    Cash send approved with paydates but no sms sent to my mobile, auditor general I smell foul play here

  17. Pontsho Langeni

    I have seens applied the first time when the R350 SRD was introduced by the president and to this day I keep getting declined with reason “alternative source of income” which is incorrect as I do not have any source of income.

  18. sihle

    im approved and they give me payday dates but the was no sms sent to my mobile number from August till now

  19. Khanyisile

    I have approved dates bt I dnt get the money wht should I do

  20. Bulelwa

    I have been approved from September till december but no dates and i applied for cash send i would like to switch to post office

    1. Portia

      Hi bulelwa did you get help for srd grant

  21. nwabisa

    is the cash send system not approved i have been waiting for the january and february grant…..

  22. THATo

    When will the cash send work coz I have being waiting for the massage to tell mi to go get my money

  23. Reason

    Always pending but no money

  24. linconjanuary07

    yoh,weak services

  25. Samkelo

    I’m approved since last year bt I can’t get my money by cash send I don’t know what to do and I am not working

  26. Belinda

    I applied again for R350 grand
    It is still pending
    I dond have a bank account
    How do i recieve the cashsend now
    And why cant the people use they money market acc at shoprite for the grand?

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