Have you already submitted your SRD R350 grants application but forgot to submit your bank account information?

Or you did not have bank account number at the time of submitting the application?


Or possibly you have a change of mind to now receive your grants in your own bank account?

For whatever reason why you wish to switch or change your payment method from Post office to your preferred bank account, there is a way to that.


SASSA has module where applicants can switch in between from one payment option to another or vice versa.

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To do that, please visit the official website of the SRD R350 grants, and scroll down to the section where they ask you submit payment method.

NB: Please note that, as at the time of filing this report, this module was not activated but we hope that SASSA will activate it sooner than later.


When you get there, there is a text box asking for your cell phone number you used to submit your application.

Switch from Post office to your preferred bank account SASSA SRD R350

Input your phone number and press the submit button beneath.

You will receive a unique SMS message containing a link that will direct you to switch your payment option from say Post Office to your preferred bank account.

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Please if you don’t have a smartphone, you can forward the received message to another smartphone and click on the link to complete the payment option procedure.

If everything is successful, you will receive a confirmation notification for bank account submission.

SASSA has clarified that the bank account must bear the exact details of the applicant and that you iu cannot use someone else’s bank account for SRD R350 Grant Payments.

Doing so will suspend the payments until accurate bank account is submitted or else post office becomes the default pay point.

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A brief update: currently if you cannot update your bank account information or switch to your preferred bank account or payment method, sassa is working on it. SASSA has given the assurance that it will reactivated after 1st September 2021.

Even as we are typing this, sassa although announced that changing of banking details will be from 3rd September to 10 September 2021, the website is still not functioning. No one can change from bank account to post office or vice versa.

If you are using Cash Send or Ewallet account then you may have to wait further as SASSA is waiting a request for the approval from the National Treasury.


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37 thoughts on “SRD R350 Grant Payments – Switch From Post office To Personal Bank Account”
      1. My last payment was September 2021 from post office other month I didn’t get payed until march 2022 so now I want to that money from the bank not post office

    1. It is deactivated, so you have expect SMS from the Post Office for collection. After 1st September, sassa says they will reactivate bank account switch

  1. I’ve sent in information to sassa srd with my bidvest bank info….i’m approved but i haven’t received my fund for the past 3 months whats going on…?

  2. According to my status, it’s approved for July August September but I have not received any date, help please

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