SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Payment DatesSASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Payment Dates


Have you recently checked your SASSA SRD R350 grant application status for the month of June 2024?

For now, the November month is not showing as we have just entered the month. As has always been the case, the ensuing month usually appears on the SRD R350 Grant website dashboard from the second week to the third week of the month and approvals continue afterward.


We believe that this month too will not be an exception, so those of you who are anticipating that when will November be approved and that can relax in the meantime in 2023.

Most applicants are facing challenges with sassa srd R350 grant payments, others too who have been declined for various reasons and appealed have still not received any feedback from SASSA.


SASSA hotline 0800601011 is doing little to help reduce the stress experience of these applicants. When they call, they hardly go through and some have even given up.

There are still others who are approved a long time without pay dates, and we wonder what is keeping SASSA to complete their bank account verification.

When you sit back and observe things from afar, it is as if SASSA is doing little to help.

So SASSA cannot sort out those who have been approved a long time without pay dates and see the exact reason for why such undue delay in releasing funds to these applicants.


Some have to take cabs or walk miles to go to the post office only to be told there is no money..

Why can’t SASSA and the post office put their heads together and make a system where individual applicants can check online to find out if their grants are credited not available for collection at the post office just as the bank alerts for the bank account users.

Some applicants have become a laughing stock because of the unending numerous frustrations that they have to endure day in day out.

To check the status of your srd R350 grant, just enter the URL (website address) and enter the ID number and the phone used to apply and voila your status for all your active months will be shown starting with the current month

For the mean time you can check the under-listed posts if any of them is of concern to you and some suggestions provided.

Did you know, you can check your status using GovChat platform as well?


By Edna

9 thoughts on “SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Payment Dates June 2024”
  1. Good morning it’s Mr m nembe i asked to be referred to the post office because I used my mother’s
    Banking details so I’m still waiting for the dates from August I never got a pay date it’s only approved status I get only everymonth and I really need money

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