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Alternative income Source Identified SRD R350

SRD Dispute Website – How to Dispute Outcome From SASSA SRD R350 Grant Application

We have received countless requests by our visitors especially SRD R350 grant applicants on how to dispute outcome from SASSA SRD R350 grant application status.

After checks upon checks finding the where the issue is coming from the fact that some applicants of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant who have been declined received SMS message instructing them to dispute the decline status.

If you have received such message from SASSA please let’s help you to dispute this matter.

Per instruction from SASSA regarding those who have been declined and feels that their decline decision from SASSA is not legitimate and want to apply for redress or reconsideration can do so on the official website of the SRD R350.

It has to be noted that, with the exception of decline reason “Identity verification failed” all other decline reasons can be disputed using the reconsideration module on the website.

The following decline reasons among others are : alternative income source Identified, uif registered, nsfas registered, irp5, other grants, referred can be disputed.

Below are the few steps to follow :

  • Click on this link
  • Fill in the field provided requesting for your ID number and the phone number used to submit the application.
  • Click on the “send pin” button.
  • A unique OTP code will be sent to your phone number.
  • Enter the code received and click on submit.
  • The reconsideration page will load.
  • Under the “reason for reconsideration” choose the one that matches your decline reason. For example, if you are declined for ‘uif registered’ choose ‘not uif registered’ and also if you are declined for “alternative income source Identified” choose ‘no alternative income source’ and so forth.
  • After that submit your reconsideration application.
  • You can come back later to check reconsideration status if approved or pending or still declined.

Disputing *Identity Verification Failed * Status Declined

If you are declined and the reason for the decline is ‘identity verification failed’ then click on this link to follow the steps by steps: identify verification failed SRD R350 Grant Application Status Declined

Always remember that there is a stipulated time to submit reconsideration application and failure to meet the deadline will forfeit that chance.

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  1. Andiswa

    Declined via uif. And I don’t have an uif benefiariry

    1. Andiswa nqoko

      Ngino persal imali engtholayo ingaphansika 3000 koda angiwutholanga u350

    2. Misiwe Qamarama

      Hello I need help guy ma application is complete apro e bt now i’ve got a massage says ma application decline bc I wrote a wrong name or same so I want to fix how to fix it ….thnk u

    3. Andiswa

      Hello I don’t have any income but it keeps on saying decline UIF registered.

      1. Phumaphi khumalo

        I m volonteer cleaner in school covid 19 cleaner

    1. Busisiwe

      My application is 2mnths pending since

  2. Lawrence

    The is no help. because i dont have a glue of how to fix the problem cause i need that srd grant

  3. Beryl

    My last uif was in Feb 2021 but why can’t i receive R350 because my sms says uif claim

    1. Tracy

      I have been applying from last year it only say incorrect name and surname how I probably dnt understand last year it said it’s not approved this year it approved I really dnt know and wrote incorrect me and surname

  4. Nontobeko

    Ngangisebenza ngo2019 June Kuya ku2020 June icontract yam seyaphela, okwamanj angisasebenzi ngihleli nemali ye uif Kade ngaclaimer cela ningicime kwa uif khona Nam ngizothola imali ngoba angisasebenzi

    1. Lieketseng Ramolahloane

      Yaka e glass hore tjhelete e kene mare ha keya pick n pay e Angola decline,pay date diya hlapa kaofela ho tloha ka September 2021 ho fihlela December 2021

  5. Nomthandazo

    Ngitholile lastmnt 350r indaba iqale mase bhut wam engfakela 200 kuty ngbambis3 ngoba sekbh3da endlin ethy angbambise kuze kfike lo 350 ayke kwabe ibhemile u sassa usuty mna knemali engitholayo nyanga zonk ad uzongi decline 😔

    1. Qaphelani

      😁😁Waze wangihlekisa ngo 200 nje sebangaz bakwenze so

      1. Penelope Ntshingwa

        Last year I was approved but this year not approved, seriously why? Don’t make our suffering a joke we really need that money you can’t approve and next minute you don’t approve who will spell their name or surname wrong cause we always double check before sending animeni Nina ukudlala

    1. Nompumelelo khumalo

      I did not get my srd grant they said m UIF registerd while im not working and ive never claimed any UIF what really going on here m confused

    2. Mpho

      Well I haven’t been receiving Nsfas money/Support for the last 6 months. But it says Nsfas registered and it’s Declined

  6. Nosiphonkungwana

    I am a unemployment mom and am not registered to uif I don’t what is that

    1. JUDAS

      Since I start to work on 2019, I terminate my contract due to my skhool work because I left behind because of work distraction and i terminate early 2019…I only work for 3 months

      1. Dikeledi

        I received a message today saying that my grant money is declining due to income I receive and unfortunately am not receiving any income am unemployed, please help me

  7. Bonolo baloyi

    The last time I worked was 2019 n last year I received my SRd sassa grant bt now it says my application has not working nor registered with any company wanna know why is the problem,pls reply n check my application again coz am not employed n really need the can make a difference if I get it.thanx in advance

    1. Oupa

      I am not registered tk uif u can check my status

    2. Mpho

      I was in a contract from 2020 March to 2021 September my contract has end

    3. Lillian

      I’m not working and I’ve never worked but it says”uif registered”you for whole 3 months

  8. Bonolo baloyi

    The last time I had a sassa srd grant was last year n this year am having difficulties to receive it again,am not employed at the moment or registered with any company pls check my application again

  9. Nelisiwe Mto

    Hello I’m Nelisiwe Mto I received a message yesterday that I must do this dispute but I don’t know how my problem is I applied a UIF on the 15 of June 2021 because of ending of the contract then I received a money on July 15th.Then gave me another date of signing on the 10th of August and told me that I will received the money on 13th of August but I didn’t get.Also still gave me another date of signing 13th of this month and also signed but no money received now I will go to sign on the 13 of October.Now I just want to know am I still have aUIF or please help because if no I want to apply for R350 srd grant

    1. Khathutshelo

      I am not working pls no any money come to me

  10. Pretty

    They say there is an income I received every month . But I’m not working I just received grant for my children

    1. DFlex

      Please apply for reconsideration

  11. Sharon

    My last UIF was January 2021 why can I not qualify for this R350 grant. I was declined due to qualification for UIF. When I checked with UIF I was told I do not have anything available to me.

  12. Tumelo Annah-marie

    ID 0210..086 ApplD 252856:
    Aapplication for SRD R350 Grant
    declined due to incorrect name or
    surname.Visit Srd website to dispute
    outcome before 25/10/21

    1. Since I registered Srd idinot get R350 but it’s approved because I just work a contract for 2months say claim uif so now am not working no income.idont know how to dispute out please help

  13. Gloria

    MY Name Is Gloria I am working but am a temp, sometimes i work for 7 days an some i don’t work for 2 months, the money that I receive is social grant only. Why can I not qualify for this R350 grant because I stay at home for 2 months.

  14. Sphesihle

    Declined due to income,I dont have income um unemployed

  15. Basani

    Say decline and I’m not working I just receive grant for my child

  16. Basani

    My applications say declined bt I’m not working I just receive grant for my child

  17. Lecy maiwashe

    I’m not working and I don’t receive any income like UIF so I don’t really understand why my application was declined. I am really struggling and I thought receiving this R350 could help me a lot, I don’t know what to do anymore 😢

    1. Elize Koekemoer

      Well not sure last time I had money in my bank was March and now I still get status (income source) should I get bank statements and take it to my nearest sassa office

  18. Itumeleng

    I haven’t Receive my srd money due to decline and I am unemployed

  19. Chris Jordaan

    I cannot understand, why i am declined due to UIF, i have NEVER claim from UIF, and hasn’t been working since Covid started,

  20. Ntokozo Khanyile

    I can’t understand why it declined due to UIF, I have never claim from UIF. I has not been working since Covid started

  21. Ntokozo Khanyile

    I can’t understand why it declined due to UIF, I have never claim from UIF. I has not been working since Covid started.

  22. Kealeboga Portia Segeri

    I cannot understand why I am declined due to UIF and i never claim from uif

  23. Kealeboga Portia Segeri

    Am failing to understand why it declined because I don’t receive UIF am jobless right since 2018

  24. Zamile

    Ndandisebenza ngo2018 ndayengo ngojune 2019ndayiclaimer I uif kodwa Imali yesinxephezelo andiyicholi esouth Africa.ngathi andizalwa lapha ngoba nale yakuqala IR350 asiyicholanga sicela nisincede


    I did’nt get SRD grant why cause am jobless

  26. Amarh

    Am no longer getting my uif payment 😭😥

  27. Mina ngasebenza one months waphela umsebenzi since nghleli from 2019 until now ngicela usizo

  28. Angela

    My status say decline because i received a salary i don’t understand because iam unemployed. Please reconsider my application.

    1. Bonginkosi

      Me too

  29. The decline reason says alternative source of income identified from last year it was that reason. The last time I received money from Sars was 24 December 2020. I have never received any income from then, but they see the source of income that I don’t know. They don’t even specify which income and when did I get it. I called Sars and they say I don’t have any income with them because I am not working anymore and I don’t pay any tax because I’m not working. They said tell them to show you the income they are talking about. It’s really corruption and it’s annoying. You don’t have any income but they tell about source of income.

    1. DFlex

      Please submit reconsideration application. Sassa is aware of fractions in their system, thus ehy offer you the chance to appeal. Because what we have seen is that, most of the processes are machine based

  30. Hlengiwe Zondi

    I declanied to get 350 because of source income pls dispute that think coz my last year worked was 2016 l didnt get uif but now l declained to 350 pls cancelled all dat thing l need this money

  31. Thabisile Lungile

    I declined to get R350 due to UIF registered I don’t know how because am unemployed

    1. Sthembiso ncengo

      Mina bhuti wami akasebenzi kodwa kuthiwa khona income atholayo kodwa ayikho imali atholayo

      1. Scelo

        Scelo mthokozisi gumede angitholi le 350 kuthiwa ngithola income kodwa angisecenzi I’d application 102792 sinani bo I’d no 8907065966085

  32. Dorcas

    Hi , I declined since December 2020 for Uif and I’m not getting any Uif I really need this money, now from August untill now I’ve declined again even when I do the appeal the outcome is still the same 🙆🙆😭😭

  33. Basani

    I’ve been approved for august,September and October without paydate what must I do

  34. Kanah Chai

    My late sister child was declined last year and did not get the SRD reasons were UIF.So this year I applied for him again and now they say source of income identified.He last job was in early 2019 and even when he tried to see if he has money with Labour department they said that he does not have any money.And He is currently not working.So my question is where do this people get their enformation from because really this is sad that you are being accused of receiving funds which you don’t even know about.If you tell someone that I see you receive money from a source tell him so that he/she can clarify if it true or a lie….this is so sad how our government handle this SRD ‘s

  35. Krinesh

    Hi, I was asked to open a bank account to receive my child’s grant, this is the only transaction that is performed on a month to month basis. What protocol needs to be followed so that I can receive the SRD Grant ( R350 ). Please advise …

    1. DFlex

      Just submit your application through this link after that submit your bank account information upfront during the application process and wait for approval. The earlier the better as SASSA will start paying you from the month you submit your application

  36. Naziema

    Hi I was declined for August and September due to other source of income. I did the Reconsideration a few times but stay declined. It Will stay Declined cause it doesn’t allow me to explain. After my ID no. and cellphone no., I get the code via SMS I submit and nothing else comes up, So I must I rectify it. Please Help

  37. Them bi Babra fahla

    Hi I was also declined

  38. Khumalo Solomon Mogola

    Hi am no longer working since last year I don’t know why is it declining please help

  39. Fortune Vusi

    My name is Fortune Vusi Nzimande
    I’d no is

    My application was declined but I’m not earning any income I’ve used my sisters telephone for application

    1. Since I registered Srd idinot get R350 but it’s approved because I just work a contract for 2months say claim uif so now am not working no income.idont know how to dispute out please help

  40. Amos

    My name is Phethedi Amos Mampuru I have been declined but I don’t have any income I receive

    1. DFlex

      Please submit reconsideration application to dispute the outcome

      1. Scelo

        Scelo Gumede angitholi le 350 kuthiwa ngithola income kodwa angisecenzi I’d application 102792 sinani bo

  41. Phethedi Amos

    My name is Phethedi Amos Mampuru I have been declined and I DNT receive any income

  42. My Is Nkosinathi Hendrick skosana… I’ve been Declined.. Because.. I’m Studying.. And I got Stepped.. But now I’m Done with my Course..

  43. Diego Lord

    The last time I claimed uif was in April 2020 if I’m not mistaken. I have been unemployed since the beginning of 2020 since my contract ended in Dec 2019. I have given up on this R350 because they don’t even take the time to fact check anything and the dispute system is ridiculous as your not even given a chance to state your case. Typical of our beloved government

  44. Livas Ngobeni

    I’ve never work for any company

  45. Paulina

    My name is Paulina matleketla moloto Im not getting any uif money

  46. Elizabeth

    No income I was hoping to get grantt

  47. Baleseng moatshe

    Since I applied last year only sayed dicliend source off income and I unemployed

  48. Oupa

    I am not registered tk uif u can check my status

  49. Priscilla

    My mother is jobless but it says decline how come

  50. Pearl canham

    I dont have no income been unemployed from 2013 was receiving R350 from last year dont understand why this is happening now .if they checking bank accounts then they would see i dont have income.

  51. Sibongile mashele

    I never receive my srd it says I have alternative income source and I’m not working at all

  52. Mwezi

    My srd grant declined due to the income I’m getting it while the is no income I’m getting at all my older sister is having an access into my account she’s putting money aside into my account for the renovation of a house its so disappointing this srd grant

  53. Scelo

    Ngibone nge sms ethi ngithola income mina kodwa angisebenzi bengicela ningibize ngithole le 350

  54. THEMBISILE Mashego

    I don’t have any. Income but my application was decline

  55. THEMBISILE Mashego

    My application was decline due to source of income while I was not receiving any income

  56. Siboniso Sphamandla

    The last outcome uif was October but still nw 350 not approve



  58. Siyabonga

    My last income was last year january and it decline saying i have an income am Siyabonga Bala and am so dissapointed

  59. Zimasa mpupumiso

    I don’t understand why the srd 350 declined because my uif doesn’t exist they said they must fire me so now am no longer working there

  60. Nelisiwe promise Makhanya

    It’s say’s UIF registered but I didn’t get any of money help with R350

  61. Lindokuhle Precious Nilinda

    I am not working anywhere and am not receiving any income unless my child grant



  63. Neo Taoana

    Decline because of UIF register and I am not working I really need a money 😭😭I apply on August

  64. Onkelame Tshameng

    Am not working but my srd declined😭😭I need the money

  65. Zenande

    Oko yathi approved kdwa akukh dates why?

  66. Mziwakhe

    Im not working never being registered for uif things but my status say im uif registered i was working ona the construction befor know im not working i got shoot the was a robbery in my room so not working please help me

  67. Siziwe

    Uif registered

  68. Ntombifuthi

    I’m feel bored coz I’m nt working mi money decline BC’s they saying I’m getting uif I’m unemployed I need the 350 plz

  69. Thandiwe Salemane

    Uif registered but i never work in my life

  70. Njabulo

    I didn’t receive any alternative income source am unemployment person but still my sassa application declined because of this income source please help

  71. Andiswa nqoko

    Ngihola imali engafiki ku3000 ngino persal babamba uif banginqabile

  72. Andiswa nqoko

    Ngithola imali engaphansika 3000 ngino persal kubanjwa uif banginqabile ngyiyadinga350 plz

  73. Andiswa nqoko

    Ngithola imali engaphansika 3000 ngino persal kubanjwa uif banginqabile ngyiyadinga350 plz

  74. Andiswa nqoko

    Ngihola imali engaphansika3000 ngino persal kubanjwa uif banginqabile angiwtholanga350

  75. Tshepo Modise

    Nna Ke lanna ka e thola nakong eo keneng kesa sebetse,Ke leboha mmuso ka sena.Hao tshwane leha osa thole letho.Ke rolela mmuso o busang kgaebane

  76. Russell

    I am disgusted at how government and sasa makes their people beg for a pathetic R350.

  77. Welma

    Alternative source of income

  78. Hello my application is aproved so now on i have a problem with names so please help to fix that problem id 6505210209088

  79. Thembisile MaShego

    Decline alternative source of income while I was not working and I don’t receive any income

  80. Lyndall Van Dalen

    Was declined uif registered. I worked yes bt do not qualify for that UIF, cn onli apply again in 2023. Since Aug I’ve been declined. Appealed still pending so when will I get an answer. I REALLY NEED THAT R350. ITS A LITTLE BUT WILL HELP SOME HOW!

  81. Kwenzekile

    Hi it been 9 months I haven’t received any money for srd, it says refed I don’t know what to do now help please

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