As we are getting closer to the end of the year 2021, December is the 5th month of the SRD R350 grants payments when was reinstated recently in August 2022. In 2023 payments have been smooth.

Although most applicants when they check their status online, they find that they are pending and are wondering when it will be approved and subsequently paid.


As has been the norm for the payment of this grants, every application will have to go through screening process every month before approval. It is a clear indication SASSA is working at the background to verify all applications to see if they still qualify for the grant.

According to SASSA, this grant is fundamentally meant for people who are indeed in distress and are therefore needed help but not just for anyone like father Christmas.


It is likely that those pending since last week may see their status changing either this week or next week to either approved or declined.

If you are approved with pay dates, then make sure your bank account information is verified however, those collecting from the Post Office will have check their last three digits of their ID numbers and know on which date to visit the post office.

Click on the link below to see all the post office payment dates for December 2021.


Latest Updates :

If you are among those whose applications have been canceled and wondering how to apply for reinstatement, we have written a simple guide to follow to have your canceled SRD R350 grant application reinstated.

If you still want to check your #sassa #srd then use the link

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By Edna

20 thoughts on “SASSA Status Check For SRD R350 Payment Dates for December 2022”
  1. idnt know what is happen i approve the first pay date was 11november but nothing 15 december nothing and on bank details ndifake u fnb cash send iddnt get any sms that tell me about 350 id 6807,,,,087Thandiwe mzelani

  2. Hi ,I have apply and been approved as they file the money an issue date but no money in the card when I check balance 0.00 why mara

  3. My status on Moya says that my srd for December was approved but still haven’t received my sms confirming my payment what am i required to do thus far?

  4. Good day why am I still approved for hole month no payment date what is going on I want to no what is my date or am I getting paid for December…

  5. Good day why am I still approved for hole month no payment date what is going on I want to no what is my date or am I getting paid for December…Please look in to this matter people need to eat u no…

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