You are currently viewing Referred status for SASSA SRD R350 grant Decline

Referred status for SASSA SRD R350 grant Decline


Are you one of the SRD R350 grant applicants who have been declined with referred status?

From late August to early September 2021, some applicants checking their grants status received a message for decline, and the reason for the decline was that they are referred.

To some, this was a new thing to their hearing and what does that suppose to mean.

In the course of time SASSA came out officially to explain the meaning why some applicants saw referred as the reason for the decline.

There are basically two types of the referred although you may still see referred on your status.

They are :

  • referred_linked_risk_mobile: a fraudulent application has been received from this phone number.
  • referred_safps : The client is registered as a perpetrator of fraud with South African Fraud Prevention Services.

From the above explanation given by SASSA in respect to referred status, it is either the phone number used to apply or the ID number of the applicant or both are involved in a fraudulent activities.

When that happens, the applicant in question will have to contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number immediately to know the exact reason and the necessary steps to be taken.

Sometimes, it is possible that the applicant may not be aware that his or her registered cell phone number has been for fraud.

It usually means your application has to be investigated for fraudulent activities.

You need to be in touch with sassa urgently otherwise your grant will not be paid and will continue to decline for the rest of the remaining months.

For any other reasons for the decline, you can always dispute it by submitting reconsideration application which is discussed in depth here.

Click here to track your SRD R350 grants status

If you are declined for Debtor as the reason click here to know why and what you can do.

Referred status for SASSA SRD R350 grant

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Those in this category of declined status can take a closer look at the image below for further information regarding referred status for the SASSA SRD R350 grant

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  1. Nikiwe

    Yes but I’m not working and not reserving UIF

  2. Anthea Etvene Davids

    Yes…that income i received is for child support form my son …is not for me ..please thats why i do application for me im not working for more than 2 years now…thanks for understanding.

  3. Nondumiso

    My application for srd grant deadlined they said am getting money which is not true, I gave my cad to someone he doesn’t have bank cad but he is not using it not and am not working

  4. Lydia Soke

    I have being declined they say am get uif wish is not true I don’t get uif

  5. I’m Moilane John makgobe father of two boys. My srd 350 Grant decline reason being uif. But my previous company dalays too give irp5 .n now I have no income at all please help.

    1. Nkosingiphile pretty Ndlovu

      I’m pretty Ndlovu a single mother of 1 boy and I received a child grant and srd grant decline due to alterative source income that is not true. I’m not received any income

  6. Vinolia

    Since I applied on August iv never received any payment cause of uif and I’m not working I need money please

  7. Noncedile

    I’m Noncedile Mtshobeni. I received a child support grant, srd grant decline. They say I have uif. I get it once. And that was 1000 rand. I’m not working. There is no income. Please help

  8. Ayabonga Ngqeku

    I’m not working
    I don’t reserve any income since the day thay start to keep R350.please help me I need this money.
    My name is Ayabonga
    Surname I’ve try alot

    1. Bathabile

      Some declined some approved


    Can u kindly advise POST OFFICE that u can det Srd grant please

  10. Srd grant decline due to UIF but now I’m not working but still decline I don’t know what to do I need help I’m unemployed

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