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Referred, Meanstest – SASSA SRD R350 PAYMENT Status

When you check your SASSA SRD R350 grant status do you see “referred” or “Meanstest”?

Some of these terms started appearing after mass decline for the SRD R350 grants. According to SASSA, after some scrutiny in the submitted information from some of the applicants, it was revealed that some of them have other sources of income. But, per the criteria for one to qualify for the unemployment grant, the applicant must have no source of income or livelihood.

SASSA, upon investigation into some applicants’ bank account, the account has been receiving cash regularly, but the problem here is whether if indeed the money is for the account holders themselves… Sounds funny, right? 😃😃😃


If you checked your status and saw referred as the outcome, please it means your personal information submitted are given to a third party or agency to further investigate if indeed the applicant deserves the grant or not.

If you are in that set, you will have to be patient, but if you’ve waited for too long without any changes, you can contact sassa to speed up the process.

In most cases, such people are subsequently declined.


For those who have been declined earlier but after appeal, status changed to “Meanstest”, this is what sassa has to say.

Meanstest does not mean you are approved after the reconsideration but rather Sassa’s is suspicious of the applicants financial standings.

They then give sometime to see if the applicant’s bank account will continue receiving funds or not. If for a particular month, there was no money deposited into the account, sassa will then approve the applicant the proceeding month.

Below is the exact reason sassa gave when was contacted :

Means testing refers to a process where the income of an applicant (for whom the application was initially declined&upon reconsideration is still declined) will be tested. SASSA will thus consider whether there was an income into the account of the client during the month or not.

Should there be no income, the application will be approved and paid. However, should there be an income in the bank account, the application will remain declined.


A piece of advise we can give is to make sure that no money passes through the bank account until you finish collecting your SRD R350 Grant.

It sounds funny and ridiculous though, why SASSA will assume such and denied people what is due them

Latest Updates

SASSA has asked applicants who have been referred to submit their concerns to this dedicated email address [email protected]

Look at the image below for further information

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  1. Joseph Joba

    Since last year payed me three months after nothing so sad ooh I am Joseph Joba kutumela

  2. Tashriq arend

    My application is referred since i applied first it was approved then it was referred don’t know what to do I have bean waiting for 10 months an still referred? Please help me

    1. DFlex

      You should have appealed. What that means is that your application was under investigation

    2. Vinod

      Me, myself I was approved and then reffed on the appeal application. I was declined in the beginning. And after hearing about the appeal application in December of 2020, re applied was approved, and then after few months thinking my pay date was showing up next, it’s suprised me by getting referred and ever since have been really in need of the grant but no access to it. Have been desperately trying to somehow get pay dates and receive the grant. Every month that passes by get more desperate and keep thinking just how much I could of been helped by the money. Please help the rest of the helpless and deserving have access to such help from the government. I am so happy that help is here and see how my community is being helped with the SRD grant. But please give help to the rest of the needy.

    3. Ntombikhona

      Good day please help me with R350 my outcome status says Referred

  3. Anke

    My February payment was approved but there is no payday date

  4. Wendy

    I have changed from ewallet to post office but I haven’t get pay date

  5. Referred

    Referred since November last year till now please check for us

    1. Karabo

      My name is karabo bogopa need help with my sassa status said referred linked risk number i need help please

  6. Zolani Adoons

    My name is zolani Adoons I need your help i have a problem start on November 2020 from now 2021 i don’t get the money of R350 my status said referred linked risk mobile I need your help plz 🙏

  7. Neliswa

    My status changed from approved to referred from August 2020 I didn’t receive the money and everytime when I called Sasha they say I should wait and I have waited for 12 months now since August2020 till July 2021 I’m still waiting and I know why my status is stuck there its because I helped my mother and my 2 neighbors to apply for sass grant with my number and I didn’t know that it was wrong and even them they didn’t receive their money

  8. Zwezwe Khonzeka

    Reffered from August 2020 until now , please help

  9. Anthony

    Anthony malewa since been reffered last year august till no i send e-mail still no changed please help

  10. Everytime my status so irp5 register I went to sars to fix it but still so irp5 register and I’m not working

  11. Gertrude Mapamela

    Got payment for 4 months last year then referred i applied this year status was approved 2 weeks later got referred status pliz help Gertrude mapamela

  12. Sibahle sithole

    Approved to referred i don’t why i need help

  13. Chevon

    Referred since last year July 2020 and applied again but still shows referred please help

  14. Nhlanhla Ntuli

    Referred since last year july 2020 and applied again but still shows referred please help me im not working



  16. Nicole

    Referred since August 2020 till now can someone please get back to me about this

  17. Gertrude

    Referred since November 2020 till August but September october approved no sms pliz help

  18. Gertrude mapamela

    Referred since November 2020 till August but September october approved no sms pliz help



  20. Funeka Hoco

    My name is FUNEKA HOCO iwas also approved then it’s says referred by they are still approved for much pls help me

  21. Buyiswa mlanji

    8 months i was approved then referred pls help

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