Major Reasons Why SRD R350 Grant Applications Are Declined

Major Reasons Why SRD R350 Grant Applications Are Declined July 2024


The SASSA SRD R350 grant has become a major source of income for many households in the country. When it was first introduced in May 2020 for a period of six months, but was later extended twice three months each and officially been further extended to March 2024.

With this when the 2023 ends, it will then continue to be paid till 2024 for some are pushing for the permanent Basic Income Grant (BIG).

When the country saw a major spike in the number of infections calling for another reinstatement of lowdown nationwide.

Some applicants who applied bwck then saw their applications being rejected for no apparent reason.

After several back and forth, SASSA implemented a system where applicants could see the exact reason for the decline.

When an applicant submits application, it goes through a rigorous process to ascertain the accuracy of the information and if indeed the applicant qualifies to be considered for the grants.

Along the line, sassa started giving reasons for the decline and we have summed up the reasons here and what SASSA said about them.


  • UIF Registered : Even with the qualifications criteria set out by SASSA, it was made clear that people who have been receiving Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or those who qualify for UIF should not apply for this special SRD R350 Unemployment grant. If you have worked before and don’t know. Please you can always contact UIF support center to find out if you are eligible for UIF provided you have worked before.


  • NSFAS Registered : As the name suggests, these are people who have registered for NSFAS financial support. This issue has created a whole lot more inconvenience for applicants whose names are found on the NSFAS’s database but are not currently funded by NSFAS. Included are those that are not in school because they couldn’t get admission. The Department of Social Development has asked such ones to ask NSFAS to officially delete their account information from their database to pave way for SRD R350 Grant Approvals.

Alternative Income Source Identified July 2024

  • Alternative income source Identified : This term was introduced and saw many applicants being declined. What SASSA did was to check applicant’s bank account’s cash flows and if SASSA suspected that there was money coming in the bank account from time to time, it was assumed that applicants have other source of income. But later, most of these were overturned after further investigation and reconsideration. If you are declined for alternative income source Identified, please submit reconsideration application within 30 days from the date of the decline using the link

Government Pay Roll

  • Government pay roll : As diabolic as it may seem, some applicants were already on government payrolls but found their way to apply and was approved. Sounds like a joke but that was the case and some were however caught.

irp5 Registered

  • irp5 registered : irp5 is a tax certificate for workers indicating that they honor their tax obligations. It is issued by South Africa Revenue Services (SARS). It was an indication that such applicant worked before but his or her tax returns were not paid. Actually, it is the employer who suppose to pay on behalf of the employees. Contact SARS for support.

Already Receiving Other Grants

  • Already on other grants : Those who are already receiving government assisted support through grants or facilities.

Wrong Name and Mismatched Information

  • Wrong Name or Mismatch Information : Some applicants made mistakes in entering their names and it failed to match the details found in the database of Home Affairs Department. There is an option on the website to rectify that.


  • Meanstest : Meanstest is similar to the alternative income sources found. SASSA conducts a Meanstest on the applicant looking at the spouse or parents financial standing and that can determine that the applicant although unemployed at the time of the application does not need any financial help.


  • Referred : When you see referred on your status, according to SASSA, you are under investigation and until the investigation is concluded, payment will not be effected. You can however send email to [email protected] explaining so SASSA that you have not engaged in any illegalities


These are applicants who were paid in the previous SRD R350 Grant but were later found out that they did not qualify after audit. They are to pay back the amount received before they can be considered for this SRD R350.

Currently they can’t appeal that decision.


  1. Um unemployed and sassa declined my 350 grant don’t have food please um inneed of the money the reconsideration button keeps on failing please aprovey application I really need it

  2. I used to receive my uif around March and now don’t have food and was relying on r350 sassa grant and keeps declining

  3. I did had a peace job for almost two months I I’m in need of that money I need food they I got income it been 6 months now no income from my account

  4. they said Alternative income and uif registered since August 2021 till March 2022 April may pending 2022 June approve

  5. Hi ever since I’ve applied for SRD grant in 2021august.I didn’t get a black cent from them.
    all what I get is approved and pending.but no cash

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